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We are committed to building a web app that revolutionizes the way people interact using cloud tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Evernote. We are a small yet passionate team working hard to create an essential app for all cloud app users. You can contact our team at info@hojoki.com. We would also be excited to meet you on Twitter, Facebook or at our Blog.

Hojoki Uygulamaları

  • CatchApp: Track & Monitor Team

    The pulse of work: The easiest way to catch up with everything your team is working on. See what's going on, gain insights and take action. ★ “Helps managers track what their teams (...)

    • Google Play: 5 Yıldız (lar) (8)
    • AndroidPIT-Kullanıcısı: 0 Yıldız (lar) (0)
    • Fiyat: ÜCRETSİZ
  • Hojoki - Project Management

    ★ Seamless collaboration for cloud workers ★ Team messaging and task management with real-time integration for the apps you work in. Plugs into Google Drive, Google Calendar, (...)

    • Google Play: 4 Yıldız (lar) (293)
    • AndroidPIT-Kullanıcısı: 0 Yıldız (lar) (0)
    • Fiyat: ÜCRETSİZ