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The Big Bang Theory Quiz De
Das inoffizielle Quiz zur beliebten Comedy Serie The Big Bang Theory! Teste dein Wissen über Sheldon und Co. in über 450 Fragen Rund um die Serie. Ein absolutes Muss für jeden (...)
Familien Quiz Duell
Familienduell eines der bekanntesten Spiele aus Funk und Fern. Damals auf RTL der Quotenhit mit Werner Schulze Erdel. In der Neuauflage wird das Duell von Daniel Hartwich (...)
Challenging Timestable
Challenging Timestable is an easy and fun game of mastering your timestable. It's incredibly simple but insanely addictive. SIMPLE and ADDICTIVE gameplay! • Rule is so simple. Just (...)
MiniLand (physics 2d)
Help your small hero find home solving riddles on the way! Each level features a new and funny puzzle. Jump, push objects, switch buttons, teleport yourself, use balloons, control (...)
ConnecToo (Connect two) Free
Try this simple, fun, addicting fast thinking logic game. Connect color elements without crossing paths! More than 260 levels, global leaderboards and Facebook integration! (...)
MegaFlux revisits the plumber classic with twisted rules and a colorful tech setting! In this original puzzle game, your goal is to power the Processors with Flux of the right color. At start (...)
Word Search Pulmenti
Put your brain in motion, your reflexes to the test and enjoy a nice time with Pulmenti. Excellent design and graphic quality including our realistic strikethrough engine to select words. (...)
The King of OX
The King of OX is an easy and fun game of selecting "O" or "X" as fast as you can. As a teacher, you have to grade student's math test. It's incredibly simple but insanely addictive. (...)
Scramble Touch
Scramble Touch is word search game Drag your finger on the board to make a word. *Scramble Touch was featured as the App of the day on Amazon AppStore!! Scramble Touch is a (...)
Spelling Sea Word Game
Spelling Sea is a new, dynamic word game, where you connect three or more bubbles to form a word. Like us on Facebook: (...)
Bunny Mania Lite
Control 50 bunnies on 12 levels in LITE version. Use stoppers, pickers, builders, bombers and rockets to conquer the world with bunnies. Go play, and have fun! Search the full version (...)
Balls Rider
This free brain teaser has over 900K downloads! Simply draw lines with your finger to create a path for balls to escape. Using physics, you set the flow in each puzzle that allows the (...)
Think Ahead
The object is to get more points than opponent. Choose from the numbered balls in the active play line. Score points by selecting positive numbers, and lose points when selecting (...)
Einstein's Logic Lite
This is a logic puzzle where you try to solve the tiles in each position of the grid. It is very similar to the puzzles where you figure out who lives in the blue house and they tell you that the (...)
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