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ADWLauncher EX
Highly customizable home replacement application ¿What's a home replacement application? Is an normal android application that will run when you press your android device's HOME (...)
External Keyboard Helper Pro
PLEASE DO NOT USE THE RATING SYSTEM TO REPORT BUGS! INSTEAD CONTACT ME ON: keylayouts@apedroid.com A non visible soft keyboard (Input Method) intended to (...)
Knock²+ V2
Update to Attentive shortly! In coming days this page and the app is updating. Be patient for further information! Thanks :) When all is done, Knock²+ V2 will get replaced with Attentive (...)
Minimalistic Text Key (pro)
If you like Minimalistic Text you can express that by buying this donate/pro addition to Minimalistic Text. This app is the donate/pro key! So it has to be installed additionally to (...)
Speaking Ring Tone
If you ever wanted your phone to say *ring,ring* Max Mustermann is calling! *ring,ring* Max is waiting! Hurry up! *ring,ring* [...] this is the application you are looking for. Because it is (...)
A Liquid Cloud Full LWP
See clouds shift and move around in the wind with this beautiful live wallpaper! Includes many different themes and settings for custom theme colors! Not a movie! Makes full use of (...)
ICS PRO GoWidget Sms Contacts
ALERT: Jelly Bean users will end up with a broken theme. This is due to a new encryption from Google Play upon download. The launchers must change how themes are coded before (...)
SMPL White Theme Go/Nova/Apex
✖ theme not showing up? email me for fix :D ✖ need help applying? email me :+D ✖ application is meant to force close ✦ this theme features ✦ ✔ includes 1400 beautiful icons ✔ over (...)
MIUI X5 HD Apex/Nova/ADW Theme
>>>>>>>>> BESCHREIBUNG <<<<<<<<<<< MIUI X5 HD Theme für Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, ADW Launcher, Holo Launcher, GoLauncher, Atom Launcher, Solo Launcher (...)
Starlight Live Wallpaper
Hand-painted starlight vista by Anne Paetzke. Wispy clouds drift dreamily across a distant landscape while the silver moon glows in the twilight. Now supports Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak, (...)
Snowflakes Live Wallpaper HD
★ ON SALE ★ Welcome to the fully customizable version of Snowflakes Live Wallpaper featuring hundreds of high definition snowflakes... Customize with millions of possible (...)
MIUI X4 Go/Apex/ADW Theme PRO
>>>>>>>>> INFO <<<<<<<<<<< MIUI X4 Theme PRO for Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, GoLauncher, ADW Launcher, Holo Launcher, Atom Launcher This is a PRO VERSION of (...)
Spring Flowers Live Wallpaper
Feel the warmth and freshness of springtime now with this marvelous 3D Live Wallpaper. Lovely spring flowers swaying gently in the wind, petals floating through the sunny air (shake (...)
Sleepy Panda Live Wallpaper
A sleepy panda snoozing under a blossoming cherry tree on your home screen! Touch the screen to get his attention. Customize the number of cherry blossoms floating past and the (...)
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