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En çok beğenilen Android uygulamaları - Eğitim

Uygulamalar Şu kritere göre sırala:  Favoriler AndroidPIT Kullanıcısı Android Piyasası
Learn to Draw Learn to Draw
2.7 ücretsiz 1 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
4.121 Değerlendirmeler
Learn how to draw anything by following examples. Enter a word, get an transparent overlay with a drawing of that word, and move your finger over the lines to learn how to draw it (...)
Wellness Wellness
3.5.6 USD 1,25
0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
0 Değerlendirmeler
Alle Anwendungen sowie ihre Wirkungen auf das Wohlbefinden sind Bestandteil dieser App. Die App beinhaltet: ✔ Statistik über gelernte Fragen und Lernstand ✔ merken von Fragen (...)
[Magichanja] Hanja Edu [Magichanja] Hanja Edu
2.6 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
483 Değerlendirmeler
★[Magichanja] hanja edu finally has been launched as edutainment application that selected as the best learning comic of Korea by 12million readers. ★[Magichanja] hanja edu is the (...)
Physics Practical Formulas Physics Practical Formulas
1.2 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
64 Değerlendirmeler
Physics Practical formulas focuses on students learning or new to physics. The app covers tutorials, solver, quiz, formulas and dictionary. Users are free to test their understanding of (...)
Video Tutorials Video Tutorials
Shiva Apps
1.0.2 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
25 Değerlendirmeler
Video Tutorials is a simple application that redirects user to view all the videos in a ordered way, this application will list all the languages which will be updated in next versions, This (...)
Quick Chemistry Quick Chemistry
2.3 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
188 Değerlendirmeler
Quick Chemistry: a suite of tools for a simpler and faster Chemistry! The app give access to a large set of data and calculators in few taps! You can add shortcuts to a QuickBoard for (...)
Periodic Table-Chemistry Tools Periodic Table-Chemistry Tools
1.1.4 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
101 Değerlendirmeler
Introducing the Periodic Table for Android - the useful chemistry tool, at your fingertips. The Periodic Table is where all life begins and ends - it’s useful for so many purposes, from your (...)
Molar Mass Molar Mass
Arshi Annafi
2.3 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
23 Değerlendirmeler
Enter a chemical formula and this app will calculate its molar mass. The app works like a calculator so no internet connection is required in order to perform the calculation, you can use (...)
Ohms Law Calculator Ohms Law Calculator
1.0.0 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
37 Değerlendirmeler
A simple Ohms Law Calculator for calculating current, voltage, resistance, and power. Just input two values, and the program will calculate the rest! Very helpful for electronic circuits. (...)
Periodic Table 2014 ed Periodic Table 2014 ed
0.1 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
10 Değerlendirmeler
This is a periodic table of all the elements, a simple apps useful for all students taking up Chemistry
Chemistry Helper Chemistry Helper
1.4 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
12 Değerlendirmeler
Welcome to beginner chemistry. This is a simple to use app, created to quiz users regarding introductory chemistry concepts. Concepts Addressed by This App: - significant figures - (...)
Physics Physics
MAPdroid Team
1.0.5 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
7 Değerlendirmeler
Physics (from Ancient Greek: φυσική (ἐπιστήμη) phusikḗ (epistḗmē) “knowledge of nature”, from φύσις phúsis "nature") is the natural science that involves the study of matter and its (...)
Chemistry Nomenclature Quiz Chemistry Nomenclature Quiz
Next-gen EduChem
1.05 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
23 Değerlendirmeler
Chemistry Flashcards is the ultimate way for chemistry students to study and memorize the names and structures of all the important chemical nomenclature from a general chemistry (...)
Cribs on the geometry RUS Cribs on the geometry RUS
Lev Sokolov
2.0 ücretsiz 8 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
3.824 Değerlendirmeler
Cribs on the geometry, habitual to Russian eye on your phone! :D
Learn funeral/janaza prayer Learn funeral/janaza prayer
dawath apps
1.1 ücretsiz 1 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
88 Değerlendirmeler
this app helps you learn the funeral prayer in Islam there is a basic way which is the minimum requirement for funeral /janaza prayer..and important in that is memorizing the dua. this (...)
The IQ Test The IQ Test
Webrich Software
5.2 USD 1,18
1 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
174 Değerlendirmeler
"The most comprehensive IQ test on Android Market." Are you a logical thinker? A numerical whiz? A Verbal genius? Or are you spatially inclined? Are you looking for intellectual (...)
Çocuklar içi noktalar bağlayın Çocuklar içi noktalar bağlayın
Entertainment Warehouse
1.0.0 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
44 Değerlendirmeler
"Çocuklar için Nokta bağlayın" playgame küçük çocuklar için eğlenceli eğitici bir uygulama. Oynarken çocuk parlak renkli resim ve yıldızlı sihirli girdabında kazık hayran olma, hayal (...)
Animal Sounds Animal Sounds
Premium Software
2.0 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
12 Değerlendirmeler
Free animal sounds application contains 70 sounds and photos of the most popular animals in the world. Amazing images and sounds of animals entertain your baby at home, in the (...)
Jagdhornsignale Jagdhornsignale
1.0 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
0 Değerlendirmeler
Die Jagdhornsignale-App richtet sich an alle werdenden Jäger, Jungjäger und Jäger. Sie umfasst die vier wichtigsten Jagdhornsignale: - Das Ganze - Anblasen des Treibens - Treiber (...)
G.R.I.P.S. G.R.I.P.S.
0.5.8 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
18 Değerlendirmeler
Die GRIPS-App bietet einfachen und schnellen Zugriff auf die E-Learning-Plattform von Uni Regensburg und OTH Regensburg. Achtung: Kein offizielles Angebot der Uni Regensburg!
Whack A Math Fact Whack A Math Fact
1.2.3 USD 1,99
0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
3 Değerlendirmeler
WhackAFact is a math facts game that helps students review their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. Based on familiar arcade games, WhackAFact is a touch (...)
Grammar: How To Ask Questions Grammar: How To Ask Questions
Webrich Software
1.3 USD 1,18
0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
2 Değerlendirmeler
Grammar Express: Asking questions is an app with over 1800 questions to reinforce you question asking skills. Question-initiators are the word groups, the beginning parts of (...)
Potty Training Social Story Potty Training Social Story
Touch Autism
2.4 USD 3,99
0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
1 Değerlendirme
This app is a social story about potty training that is customizable for boys or girls. The app also includes a visual schedule for using the potty and an extensive FAQ page that lists (...)
ABC Animal Kingdom ABC Animal Kingdom
0.1 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
12 Değerlendirmeler
ABC ANIMAL KINGDOM is a learning app for kids and toddlers. ABC ANIMAL KINGDOM contains images of animals with the correct pronunciation of the animal name. Aim of the ABC (...)
Hayvanlar Alemi Hayvanlar Alemi
AbsoLogix - 3D Games Studio
1.5 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
66 Değerlendirmeler
Sen Resimler, Sesler ve tüm Hayvanların Metin bilgileri, Kuşlar ve Böcekler vb bir hayvan dünyada olduğu hissedeceksiniz Uygulama Özellikleri: - Hayvan Resimler / Resim, Sesler ve (...)
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