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Uygulamalar Şu kritere göre sırala:  Favoriler AndroidPIT Kullanıcısı Android Piyasası
GO Launcher EX -Most Installed GO Launcher EX -Most Installed
GO Launcher Dev Team
Varies with device ücretsiz 2.513 ×
150 Değerlendirmeler
3.717.758 Değerlendirmeler
GO Launcher 5 has arrived! Its UI and UX has been recreated from bottom to top. Enjoy simple and intelligent new mobile experience, or start customizing the looking and feel in your (...)
ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers
Varies with device ücretsiz 676 ×
35 Değerlendirmeler
1.769.115 Değerlendirmeler
ZEDGE™ offers free wallpapers, ringtones and notification sounds to easily customize your device. In addition we offer you personalized game recommendations. Features available (...)
GO Locker - Most Installed GO Locker - Most Installed
GO Launcher EX
Varies with device ücretsiz 82 ×
11 Değerlendirmeler
858.506 Değerlendirmeler
Lock screen safely and smartly with the Top downloaded screen locker! Nearly 100 million downloads, 654,000+ user reviews and a 4.4-star rating, that is Go Locker! As the smartest (...)
Backgrounds HD Wallpapers 40M+ Backgrounds HD Wallpapers 40M+
3.6.4 ücretsiz 130 ×
1 Değerlendirme
1.199.834 Değerlendirmeler
## OGQ Backgrounds HD has hit 40,000,000+ DOWNLOADS worldwide! ## Backgrounds HD offers free wallpapers from artists all over the world. ✔ 40,000,000+ users worldwide ✔ (...)
Nova Launcher Nova Launcher
TeslaCoil Software
3.1 ücretsiz 771 ×
6 Değerlendirmeler
363.365 Değerlendirmeler
The highly customizable, performance driven, home screen replacement Accept no substitutes! Nova Launcher is the original and most polished customizable launcher for modern (...)
Solo Launcher Solo Launcher
Solo Launcher Team
1.9.5 ücretsiz 150 ×
2 Değerlendirmeler
449.006 Değerlendirmeler
SIMPLE, SWIFT & SMART. Solo Launcher has visualized and highly customizable settings, thousands of free themes, efficient home screen gestures, Google Now voice support. (...)
LauncherPro LauncherPro
Federico Carnales
0.8.6 ücretsiz 750 ×
78 Değerlendirmeler
261.549 Değerlendirmeler
If you can't open it, download "ClearDefaultHome" or "Home Switcher" - Super-smooth scrolling - Animated screen previews (like Exposé or HTC Sense) - Up to 7 home screens - App (...)
Ice Galaxy Ice Galaxy
1.12 ücretsiz 5 ×
2 Değerlendirmeler
26.142 Değerlendirmeler
Cold part of the Universe. Ice Galaxy is born... This is the second of the four Galaxies. Maxelus Galaxy Tetralogy (2/4) ;) Please comment ! Thanks ! ::1.12 + Bug fixes and (...)
Smart Launcher 2 Smart Launcher 2
2.8 ücretsiz 105 ×
2 Değerlendirmeler
230.264 Değerlendirmeler
BASİT, HAFİF, HIZLI. Smart Launcher 2 minimalist tasarımı, düşük kaynak gereksinimleri olan ve sadece birkaç dokunma ile herhangi bir uygulamayı başlatmanıza izin veren kullanıcı (...)
APUS Launcher-Small, Fast APUS Launcher-Small, Fast
Apus Group
1.4.1 ücretsiz 46 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
526.272 Değerlendirmeler
Super small, stylish sleek. APUS Launcher speeds up your phone and optimize your home screen. ☆ THE NEXT GENERATION LAUNCHER - Super fast and trouble free launcher (...)
Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper
4.2.4 ücretsiz 18 ×
1 Değerlendirme
57.144 Değerlendirmeler
"...This may sound strange but when I wake up and see that, it puts a smile on my face..." - Hearing this response about the morning birds from one of our users put a smile on our face. (...)
Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite
GO Launcher Dev Team
3.17 ücretsiz 285 ×
2 Değerlendirmeler
294.677 Değerlendirmeler
Search NEXT LAUNCHER 3D SHELL to get the FULL fuctions of the FIRST & the ONLY android launcher applying Real 3D Visual,Technology into interface design. Chance to (...)
ADW.Launcher ADW.Launcher
AnderWeb ücretsiz 603 ×
43 Değerlendirmeler
134.893 Değerlendirmeler
Highly customizable home replacement application ¿What's a home replacement application? Is an normal android application that will run when you press your android device's HOME (...)
폰꾸미기어플천국_카카오톡/배경화면/도돌런처/고락커/폰트 폰꾸미기어플천국_카카오톡/배경화면/도돌런처/고락커/폰트
2.5.7 ücretsiz 4 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
523.525 Değerlendirmeler
폰국이 시즌2 두들두들이 나왔습니다. 지금 플레이스토어에서 두들두들이라고 검색해서 다운 받으시면 됩니다. 감사합니다. 두들두들 다운받기 : http://me2.do/GRKKCUpu [2000만 유저들이 선택한 최고의 꾸미기 앱] ★매일매일 (...)
WhatsApp Wallpaper WhatsApp Wallpaper
WhatsApp Inc.
2 ücretsiz 90 ×
6 Değerlendirmeler
1.050.928 Değerlendirmeler
Wallpaper package to support WhatsApp Messenger To use our wallpapers: 1) install and launch WhatsApp Messenger 2) start a conversation with a friend 3) choose Menu > (...)
The real aquarium - LWP The real aquarium - LWP
Memento Apps
1.14 ücretsiz 30 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
39.913 Değerlendirmeler
The real aquarium is an amazing free live wallpaper of caribbean fishes for Android. It has differents backgrounds of corals and typical ocean's scenaries to be choosen. Also, this live (...)
Christmas Live Wallpaper Free Christmas Live Wallpaper Free
Jetblack Software
3.01F ücretsiz 62 ×
4 Değerlendirmeler
73.259 Değerlendirmeler
Let your phone count you down to Christmas and the New Year! "Christmas Live Wallpaper Free" is a stunning 3D live wallpaper featuring a sparkling Christmas Tree of light, plus an (...)
Kitty Play - Theme & Iconpack Kitty Play - Theme & Iconpack
Home Plus
2.07 ücretsiz 14 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
291.142 Değerlendirmeler
Icon packs and themes are always the best to customize your Android phone's look. Want brand new look every day? Try Kitty Play to own a large number of free icon packs, (...)
Bubble Live Wallpaper Bubble Live Wallpaper
2.2.3 ücretsiz 53 ×
2 Değerlendirmeler
59.835 Değerlendirmeler
A fun bubble live wallpaper where you can tap bubbles to burst. Now you can customize bubble image from your gallery, choose your lucky color theme and poke your friends to (...)
icon wallpaper dressup-CocoPPa icon wallpaper dressup-CocoPPa
2.9.2 ücretsiz 419 ×
2 Değerlendirmeler
191.722 Değerlendirmeler
Simgelere ve duvar kağıdına sınırsız ÜCRETSİZ erişim! Artık herkes akıllı telefonunu özelleştirebilir! 。*:゜ヽ(*’∀’*)/゜:。*。 Dünyada 27 milyonun üzerinde indirme yapılan ve indirilmeye (...)
Galaxy S3/S5 canlı duvar Galaxy S3/S5 canlı duvar
1.5.0 ücretsiz 106 ×
6 Değerlendirmeler
215.207 Değerlendirmeler
Uçan tohumlar içeren ücretsiz Galaxy S3/S5 canlı duvar kağıdı. Şimdi "Su Damlacık" etkisi ile!Ayarları ekranında bu etkiyi etkinleştirin. Şimdi Galaxy S5 arka plan! Ana ekranda su (...)
Launcher 8 free (fake wp8) Launcher 8 free (fake wp8)
QiHang Dev Team
1.9.8 ücretsiz 57 ×
4 Değerlendirmeler
194.154 Değerlendirmeler
Bored of Android's user interface? Can you want try a new style start screen? Launcher 8 is an excellent app for you to experience the wp-style UI on your Android devices. It's super (...)
Apex Launcher Apex Launcher
Android Does
2.6.0 ücretsiz 394 ×
7 Değerlendirmeler
118.062 Değerlendirmeler
Apex Launcher helps you create a customized homescreen experience on your Android (4.0+) device. "Fantastic app that has the potential to give your phone a complete makeover. I (...)
GO Launcher EX UI5.0 theme GO Launcher EX UI5.0 theme
GO Launcher EX
2.08 ücretsiz 7 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
68.091 Değerlendirmeler
The classical UI5.0 theme is now available for your phone ! More than 200 beautiful original designed icons, includes the most popular apps, and a new designed wallpaper is up to you. (...)
Shake Them All! Live Wallpaper Shake Them All! Live Wallpaper
1.92 ücretsiz 45 ×
5 Değerlendirmeler
34.335 Değerlendirmeler
Live wallpaper using realistic physics engine and g-sensors to display Androids falling down your screen. Androids react to gravity, touching, shaking your phone and even light and (...)
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