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DocuSign - Sign & Send Docs DocuSign - Sign & Send Docs
2.4.0 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
6.144 Değerlendirmeler
DocuSign provides a simple and secure way to electronically sign documents and collect signatures from others. The app eliminates the hassles, costs, and lack of security in printing, (...)
LastPass Password Mgr Premium* LastPass Password Mgr Premium*
ücretsiz 34 ×
3 Değerlendirmeler
22.368 Değerlendirmeler
Mobile version of the award-winning LastPass password manager. Fast, easy and simple; securely syncs your passwords across all your browsers and devices. Key Features: - New! (...)
AA Task (Schedule & Memo) AA Task (Schedule & Memo)
1.4.3b ücretsiz 14 ×
4 Değerlendirmeler
6.803 Değerlendirmeler
AA Task is easy-to-use but, powerful schedule & memo app. Features: - Add/Edit/Delete schedules, memos, anniversaries, objectives and worths - Sort by D-Day(Anniversary) - Set (...)
Adaptxt – Free Keyboard Adaptxt – Free Keyboard
KeyPoint Technologies
V3.1 ücretsiz 23 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
12.089 Değerlendirmeler
Try Adaptxt Keyboard free for 30 days *All Adaptxt users who have completed in-app purchases in previous versions, please upgrade to Adaptxt v3.1, contact us at (...)
Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder
Markus Drösser
ücretsiz 38 ×
6 Değerlendirmeler
15.139 Değerlendirmeler
Tape-a-Talk is a high quality voice recorder designed for simplicity and is able to record voice notes/voice memos/audio even when the display is off. RECORD ✔ Record in high or low (...)
Zimly: All-in-One Media Player Zimly: All-in-One Media Player
Nomad Connection
3.29.315 ücretsiz 15 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
17.424 Değerlendirmeler
* Zimly now supports Google Chromecast! Use Chromecast with Zimly to watch your videos (stored on PC) on TV! The functions of media player and PC streaming player are combined (...)
Android App Manager Android App Manager
3.1.6 ücretsiz 28 ×
1 Değerlendirme
5.705 Değerlendirmeler
Android App Manager (AAM) is makes it easy to manage apps installed on Android devices. App uses measurement reports, system information, and provides value○added services (...)
6.0.19 ücretsiz 105 ×
29 Değerlendirmeler
26.997 Değerlendirmeler
Display custom notification icons/dots on the screen. It was developed for the Samsung Galaxy S which lacks a physical dedicated LED. Supported notifications: -Text Messages -Voice (...)
PCM Recorder PCM Recorder
3.1.1 ücretsiz 2 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
5.507 Değerlendirmeler
This is a simple voice recorder. It records by high quality(PCM/WAVE). Records in 8000,11025, 16000, 22050, 44100 and 48000Hz - 16bits - Mono. Recordings are stored on the (...)
Jelly Bean Keyboard Jelly Bean Keyboard
VLLWP ücretsiz 54 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
8.660 Değerlendirmeler
Alternative android keyboard that has Swiftkey like next word prediction. Now includes split keyboard for thumb typing! Jelly Bean Keyboard is the best port of Jelly Bean Keyboard on (...)
ListNote ListNote
8.41 ücretsiz 15 ×
1 Değerlendirme
12.336 Değerlendirmeler
Take notes even when you don't feel like typing! Just speak your note, and it will be saved as text. This notepad app was designed to quickly jot down your ideas, with minimal hassle. (...)
계산기 모음 - 3가지 스킨 제공 계산기 모음 - 3가지 스킨 제공
Best Choice
1.4.8 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
2.279 Değerlendirmeler
★ 세가지 계산기 스킨 제공 ★ ( 검정색 하늘색 핑크색 스킨 ) 당신에게 필요한 여러가지 계산기를 한 번에 모아 사용해 보시기 바랍니다. 다양한 어플의 기능이 포함되어 있습니다. 계산기 모음은 다음과 같은 기능을 제공합니다. 1. 일반 (...)
Battery Saver Battery Saver
1.6.13 ücretsiz 7 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
24.558 Değerlendirmeler
AnTuTu Battery Saver is a power saving for Android phone/pad. (need root) To maintain normal for 2 days in order to know is truly your saving power of the software, you can set your (...)
APW Widgets APW Widgets
Dr. Appche
1.4.1 ücretsiz 123 ×
5 Değerlendirmeler
10.098 Değerlendirmeler
A set of powerful and extremely useful home screen widgets! ✓ Designed for both smart phones and tablets ✓ Widgets for Agenda & Calendar, Contacts, Bookmarks, Messaging, (...)
TaskStalker(Memory manager) TaskStalker(Memory manager)
3.0.2 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
1.723 Değerlendirmeler
★★★★★ TaskStalker ★★★★★ Powerful and simple memory manager, Task stalker! This app will quit apps you dont use but they run automatically. It helps you to use phone efficiently. (...)
Google Analytics Google Analytics
Google Inc.
2.2.7 ücretsiz 3 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
18.218 Değerlendirmeler
Access all of your Google Analytics web and app reporting profiles from your mobile device. The app has an all-new look and feel that’s optimized for phones and tablets, so you can (...)
Dumpster - Recycle Bin Dumpster - Recycle Bin
0.999r3 ücretsiz 619 ×
1 Değerlendirme
37.271 Değerlendirmeler
Best 50 Android Apps for 2013 (Time Magazine): http://ti.me/161mpgh Dumpster is the first-ever recycle bin for your Android smartphone and tablet device! Just like the Recycle Bin on (...)
Daum Cloud - 다음 클라우드 Daum Cloud - 다음 클라우드
Daum Communications
1.6.18 ücretsiz 1 ×
1 Değerlendirme
8.166 Değerlendirmeler
With Daum Cloud app installed on your iPhone and iPod touch, viewing and sharing your files uploaded to Daum Cloud is only a touch away. What's more, you can also upload photos (...)
Fleksy Klavye Ücretsiz + Emoji Fleksy Klavye Ücretsiz + Emoji
3.1.3.t ücretsiz 20 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
60.487 Değerlendirmeler
Fleksy, herhangi bir cihaz üzerinde hiç bakmadan bile doğru ve çok kolay bir şekilde yazabilmenizi sağlayan patent başvurusu yapılmış teknoloji ile çalışan yeni ve devrim niteliğinde bir (...)
SmartWho Dosya Yöneticisi SmartWho Dosya Yöneticisi
3.3.1 ücretsiz 14 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
12.898 Değerlendirmeler
* Kitkat uyarı Oluştu (ver 4.4) beri Android OS sürümü kitkat. Harici sdcard için kopyalama ve silme gibi. Bunu çözmeye çalışıyorum, ama uzun bir zaman alacak gibi görünüyor. Geçici, (...)
Transparent Screen Transparent Screen
Sascha Affolter
2.25 ücretsiz 14 ×
6 Değerlendirmeler
11.490 Değerlendirmeler
Transparent Screen gives you the opportunity to use your phone as usual, while being able to see the live image of your camera transparently on the entire screen. You'll be able to (...)
IP Cam Viewer Basic IP Cam Viewer Basic
Robert Chou ücretsiz 54 ×
3 Değerlendirmeler
9.434 Değerlendirmeler
Awarded Best Software Award 2011 in Utilities category. Remotely view and control your IP Camera, DVR, Network Video Recorder, CCTV or WebCam using this Android app for (...)
Calendar Widget: Month+Agenda Calendar Widget: Month+Agenda
IT Benefit
1.8 ücretsiz 12 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
20.101 Değerlendirmeler
This is a simple calendar widget where the month view and today's agenda are combined together. It gives you a good overview of your events at hand in your home screen. READ (...)
Touch Calendar Free Touch Calendar Free
Oliver Lan
1.0.26 ücretsiz 93 ×
2 Değerlendirmeler
5.316 Değerlendirmeler
See your whole calendar at a glance. No more flipping between different calendar views. Touch Calendar does it all from one zoomable and scrollable view. Rated 95% by (...)
GO LauncherEX Arabic language GO LauncherEX Arabic language
GO Launcher Dev Team
1.3 ücretsiz 12 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
19.698 Değerlendirmeler
A language plug-in for GO LauncherEX. This pack is for GO LauncherEX Arabic language support. Install it and change the system language. The translation will be updated soon, (...)
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