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リズムコイン![登録不要の無料コイン落としダンスゲーム] リズムコイン![登録不要の無料コイン落としダンスゲーム]
COLOPL, Inc. ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
19.109 Değerlendirmeler
お待たせしました!ロングヒット中の「きらきらドロップ!」に続く、登録不要の無料コインゲーム第2弾「リズムコイン!」が登場★ (...)
お住まい夢物語 お住まい夢物語
Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
1.2.6 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
6.346 Değerlendirmeler
夢と希望のマンション経営 間取りや家具をコーディネートして理想の住まいを実現するシミュレーションゲーム! 畳+ちゃぶ台を配置すれば「和室風」やテレビ+オーディオで「シアタールーム」など、 (...)
Gems Journey Gems Journey
Pandoo Mobile
1.3 ücretsiz 23 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
103.126 Değerlendirmeler
Gems Journey, classic and addictive match-3 type game! It's aim is to complete the assigned goals in given moves or seconds. Gems Journey has various mode: Backplane Mode: (...)
Fish Adventure Fish Adventure
Cute Mobile Games
1.2.19 ücretsiz 9 ×
1 Değerlendirme
37.051 Değerlendirmeler
Fish Adventure is pet caring game where you should take care of nature, raise beautiful fishes, creatures and develop undersea world. Game is interactive. Tap on a fish or a creature (...)
Flying Penguin - Free Game Flying Penguin - Free Game
Top Free Games - Best Apps
2.4 ücretsiz 5 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
15.084 Değerlendirmeler
OVER 20 MILLION DOWLOADS ON IPHONE!!! TOP 10 DOWNLOADED GAME!!! This great iPhone game is now on android, get it while its free! improved Physics, better graphics, (...)
Santa's Village Santa's Village
Making Fun, Inc.
1.8 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
21.799 Değerlendirmeler
***Over 4 million downloads and 4.5 star rating!*** Who wants to help Santa? Santa's Village is the holiday game that everyone has been talking about! It's the perfect game for the (...)
Malen mit Freunden Malen mit Freunden
Games for Friends
1.5.1 ücretsiz 82 ×
16 Değerlendirmeler
67.689 Değerlendirmeler
Das Warten hat ein Ende! MALEN MIT FREUNDEN ist das unendlich unterhaltsame Malspiel, bei dem du die Zeichnungen deiner Freunde errätst - und sie deine! ★ KOSTENLOS (...)
아틀란스토리 - 천계의 문 for Kakao 아틀란스토리 - 천계의 문 for Kakao
WeMade Entertainment CO., LTD
1.4.7 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
89.868 Değerlendirmeler
** 주요 업데이트 ** * 용옥 15레벨, 문장 50레벨 확장 * 8성~10성 도금 스크롤 출시! * 기타 - 행운의 집 상품 리뉴얼 - 정령 일괄소환 레벨 하향(LV50), 90레벨 유저의 정령 일괄소환 시 소환횟수 40회로 상향 - 4성 신수 티아레 (...)
Fantasica Fantasica
Mobage ücretsiz 19 ×
2 Değerlendirmeler
83.497 Değerlendirmeler
Begin your quest in this card collecting, role-playing, tower defense adventure. From the artist behind the Final Fantasy series comes Fantasica, the ultimate social experience. (...)
Candy Swipe® 2.0 FREE Candy Swipe® 2.0 FREE
Runsome Apps
2.23 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
17.650 Değerlendirmeler
Sweet Addictive Original Candy Game! Popular Game CandySwipe 2.0 Free is... Loved by the whole family, both grown ups and kids! A new challenging addicting casual sweet game (...)
Fish Farm Fish Farm
BitBros Inc.
1.4 ücretsiz 123 ×
8 Değerlendirmeler
43.091 Değerlendirmeler
Fish Farm 2 is out now. Try it out as well! Fish Farm is an exciting 3D aquarium experience that gives you creative control - customize beautiful marine environments for saltwater or (...)
Garfield's Diner Garfield's Diner
Web Prancer
1.4.0 ücretsiz 7 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
84.927 Değerlendirmeler
It's summertime and Irma's off to Hawaii for a well-deserved vacation. But who will run the diner while she's gone? Irma convinces Jon to take over for the summer, but it’s Garfield (...)
Avoooid! Hero Avoooid! Hero
2.4.1 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
16.330 Değerlendirmeler
The hero with a red scarf is here! Let's avoid rock!! – How To Play -- ・Move by touching screen. ・Avoid the falling Rocks!! ・Pitfall is Safety Zone :-)
Spider Solitaire Spider Solitaire
Odesys, LLC
ücretsiz 15 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
7.417 Değerlendirmeler
Spider Solitaire is one of the most popular single-player card games in the world. Now you can enjoy it in its full richness on your mobile phone or tablet. From Odesys, the makers of (...)
Blosics HD FREE Blosics HD FREE
FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
1.0.7 ücretsiz 2 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
19.928 Değerlendirmeler
Shoot at massive structures built from colored blocks and make them drop off the screen. It sounds simple at first but beware - the blocks are alive! They can talk and they have some (...)
Grumpy Bears Grumpy Bears
1.1.00 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
24.013 Değerlendirmeler
*Spring is back! (Bearly). The grass is green again everybody!* ✩✩✩The Bear Tombs have been opened! Grumpy Mummies, Pharaohs, and Gods have been unleashed upon the (...)
Zombie Café Zombie Café
Beeline Interactive, Inc.
ZombieCafeAndroid ücretsiz 4 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
48.364 Değerlendirmeler
PLEASE NOTE: Zombie Cafe is free to play, but charges real money for additional in-app content. ________________________ It’s hard to find good help, which is why you’ve (...)
Bebbled Bebbled
Nikolay Ananiev
2.14 ücretsiz 396 ×
18 Değerlendirmeler
19.513 Değerlendirmeler
New in v2.14: Social Features! Use Facebook/Twitter to: - Login to Bebbled Online - Invite friends - Share scores Friends-local ranking at http://apps.facebook.com/bebbled Follow us (...)
Derby Days Derby Days
Com2uS USA
2.3.0 ücretsiz 21 ×
7 Değerlendirmeler
81.386 Değerlendirmeler
★ Go for the gold in the most fabulous horse game ever! ★ ★ Do you like horses? Great fan of rare breeds? We have more than you could ever imagine! Start your Derby Days NOW! ★ (...)
Tap Dragon Park Tap Dragon Park
Pocket Gems
1.23 ücretsiz 4 ×
2 Değerlendirmeler
50.023 Değerlendirmeler
Hatch, raise and train magnificent dragons in Tap Dragon Park! Collect tons of baby dragons and raise and train them with the help of wizards. Use your dragons to help guard your (...)
점핑스타 for Kakao 점핑스타 for Kakao
CJ Netmarble
1.1.7 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
35.776 Değerlendirmeler
★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ 2013년형 점핑스타의 탄생! 점핑스타가 쉬워졌어요~! 1. 이제 화살표로 좌우를 터치터치하면서 플레이가 가능해요. 2. 매일매일 출석하면 골드와 캐럿을 드려요. 3. 내 점수를 친구 5명에게 자랑하기만 (...)
Zombie Farm Zombie Farm
Mobage ücretsiz 4 ×
1 Değerlendirme
65.563 Değerlendirmeler
Zombies are your friends! ☆ ☆ ☆The #1 iPhone Game Zombie Farm comes to Android for the 1st Time☆ ☆ ☆ Tired of killing zombies? Try farming them! ★ FARM - Grow and harvest (...)
Pick a Stick Pick a Stick
Big Byte Games
1.9.6 ücretsiz 35 ×
7 Değerlendirmeler
32.465 Değerlendirmeler
Didn't you love to play Pickup Sticks when you were little? Remember how much fun it was? Now you get the chance to revive these memories. Pick a Stick is the classic Pickup Sticks (...)
Little Dragons Little Dragons
1.0.256 ücretsiz 1 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
85.008 Değerlendirmeler
If you like Little Dragons, the game on android - share us with your friends on facebook, youtube, yahoo, gmail, hotmail, twitter, instagram or skype. Monsters, zombies and pets are for (...)
아이러브파스타 for Kakao 아이러브파스타 for Kakao
PATI Games Corp.
1.2.0 ücretsiz 1 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
141.906 Değerlendirmeler
8월 14일에 만나보는 8월의 첫 번째 업데이트! 매일매일이 즐거운 이벤트! ◀ 하나. 신규 유저 이벤트! ▶ 아직도 아이러브파스타를 모르는 친구가 있다면? 소개해주세요! 어마무시한 신규 유저 이벤트가 기다리고 있습니다. (...)
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