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En çok beğenilen Android oyunları

Uygulamalar Şu kritere göre sırala:  Favoriler AndroidPIT Kullanıcısı Android Piyasası
Samurai Fighters Samurai Fighters
Cross Field Inc.
1.0.18 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
79 Değerlendirmeler
"Samurai Fighters" is an action game which a samurai fights with samurais of enemy. The manner of operation is easy. When the Left button is pushed, the samurai moves to the left. (...)
I Have Never - FREE I Have Never - FREE
Rabie Khodr Jradi
1.3 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
167 Değerlendirmeler
I have never, is a drinking game that gets you drunk and ice-breaker for getting the party started. The rules of the game are simple: Take turns individually reading a card out loud. (...)
Prick Prick
Toothpick Guy
2.1 ücretsiz 2 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
132 Değerlendirmeler
Don't prick on the fingers! The needle is moving above the fingers. Try to prick on the background without hurting the fingers to gain scores. If you can reach the highest score, you can (...)
Testa o Croce Testa o Croce
Marco Ballante
2.0.3 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
11 Değerlendirmeler
Scommetti gratis con una semplice applicazione che sostituisce la moneta per fare testa o croce. Dovete scegliere palla o campo? Ristorante o pizzeria? Mare o montragna? Da oggi (...)
Shall we date?:Strawberry Love Shall we date?:Strawberry Love
NTT Solmare
1.0.2 USD 4,27
2 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
11 Değerlendirmeler
*Attention* This application is only available in Japanese Language. "Shall we date?" -A Dating Simulation Game series by NTT Solmare A Dating Simulation Game set at the School (...)
CorsixTH CorsixTH
Alan Woolley
0.4.3 ücretsiz 1 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
33 Değerlendirmeler
CorsixTH is a reimplementation of the Theme Hospital game engine. This is an unofficial port of CorsixTH to Android. It's highly recommended that you play on a tablet, but a SGS3 / (...)
★ Are You Psychic? ★ Unlocked! ★ Are You Psychic? ★ Unlocked!
Math Games - (Best, New, Fun, Cool, Apps)
16.0 USD 1,00
0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
11 Değerlendirmeler
The Most Original and Best Android Psychic Game Ever! Calculated by the Current Position of the Planets!! Enjoy Over 100 Stages And Hours of Fun!!! A Psychic's Must Have App. (...)
UnBlock Lite UnBlock Lite
Puzzle Lite Studio
2.1 ücretsiz 1 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
11 Değerlendirmeler
Unblock Lite It is a simple but very addictive block puzzle game. It is based off of games such as Traffic Jam, Rush Hour, and Unblock Me. The goal is to get the red block out of the (...)
Kids Food Game Kids Food Game
1 USD 1,99
0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
22 Değerlendirmeler
Help your kids get excited about eating their fruits, veggies and other foods with this fun food game. This fun game has an easy and simple drag and drop interface that makes even (...)
Free RB Open World Rally Free RB Open World Rally
Rational Box Division
1.0 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
44 Değerlendirmeler
Open World Rally Game
Remy Remy
1.0.1 USD 1,70
1 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
11 Değerlendirmeler
Remy is a fun and addictive game inspired by the original version called Rummikub invented in the 1930s. You play against a virtual opponent and you need to try and match all the tiles (...)
Square10 - Numbers Revolution Square10 - Numbers Revolution
1.0.0 USD 1,25
1 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
11 Değerlendirmeler
Unique and captivating, Square10 is a simple and subtle game with an infinite replay value. You will master the game gradually to limits that you would not expect. Be logical, use your (...)
Falling Leaves Falling Leaves
2.0.0 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
22 Değerlendirmeler
Falling Leaves is a FREE LIVE WALLPAPER! TO USE: Home -> Press MENU -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers -> Falling Leaves Wallpaper We have put a lot of work into this app to (...)
Crystal Caverns Free Crystal Caverns Free
Megafauna Software
1.1 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
11 Değerlendirmeler
The FREE version of the addictive color-matching puzzle game you won't be able to put down. Crystal Caverns is an addictive color-matching puzzle game. Shoot realistic marbles to (...)
MourinhoDroidPro MourinhoDroidPro
Cow Know
1.3.1 USD 0,70
0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
11 Değerlendirmeler
MourinhoDroidPro te ofrece las mejores frases de Mourinho como píldoras de filosofía futbolera. Incluso podrás asignarla como tono de llamada. Incluye grandes frases como: - (...)
GoldMiner GoldMiner
Hakuna Co.,ltd.
1.2.0 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
365 Değerlendirmeler
《gold miner》is a classic puzzle game,it seems very simple but once you started,the purely gaming experience will make you play it over and over again,because “Small Is (...)
Wall Cycles Wall Cycles
1.9.3 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
106 Değerlendirmeler
Here is a clone of the Light cycles game as appeared in the movie Tron. I was inspired by another clone that appeared on the TI-83/84 Calculators. Right now this game is Multiplayer (...)
Berber Keyfi Oyunu Berber Keyfi Oyunu
Liman Flash Oyunlar
Juxta ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
53 Değerlendirmeler
☆☆☆☆☆ Berber Keyfi Oyunu ☆☆☆☆☆ AMAÇ: Kızınn saçını yıka, kurut ve güzel saç modeli yap. Saçını yıkamak için Şampuana tıkla. Öbür esyaları kullanmak için üzerlerine tıkla. Ve (...)
Temple Trainer (Free) Temple Trainer (Free)
1.2 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
678 Değerlendirmeler
This is the replacement application for "TempleRunTrainer" With new and improved graphics! Train your reaction time while you wait for the official Temple Run (by imangi studios) to (...)
Don 2: The Game Don 2: The Game
3.1 USD 0,99
5 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
103 Değerlendirmeler
***PRICE SLASHSED FROM $1.99 TO ONLY $0.99.ENJOY THE SRK EXPERIENCE!! Having conquered the Asian underworld, Don now has his sights set on European domination. (...)
brothers in arms - blocking brothers in arms - blocking
return brothers game
1.0 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
408 Değerlendirmeler
U.S. troops after the Normandy landings, has been hit hard at the German tanks. U.S. military strength and encouragement in order to preserve the morale of the army sniper man, the (...)
Stickman Frenzy Punish Stickman Frenzy Punish
1.5.3 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
226 Değerlendirmeler
Stickman Frenzy Punish to Kill Stickman! This game is an awesome game for choose your death. The important is to make sure that you find the right weapon which will be flashing. (...)
Doggy And Rabbit Doggy And Rabbit
Happy Franklin
1.0 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
118 Değerlendirmeler
Are you a winner or loser? Two little friends try to get to the peak of the highest mountain,however,things are not that easy,they must overcome all the difficulties in front of them. Watch (...)
Komik X-Ray Scanner Komik X-Ray Scanner
1.0 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
303 Değerlendirmeler
Komik X-Ray Scanner
La Prueba del Tonto La Prueba del Tonto
1.1 ücretsiz 0 ×
0 Değerlendirmeler
10 Değerlendirmeler
¿Eres un completo tonto o un genio total? Si usted ha reflexionado sobre esta cuestión a menudo, reflexione no más - apenas pruebe La Prueba del Tonto para Android. Muy pronto (...)
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