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Uygulamalar Şu kritere göre sırala:  Favoriler AndroidPIT Kullanıcısı Android Piyasası
Whale Trail Classic Whale Trail Classic
1.3.3 USD 3,92
11 ×
1 Değerlendirme
1.176 Değerlendirmeler
Fly Willow the Whale through the magical skies of Rainbow Land! Collect Blubbles, loop the loop, smash grumpy Thunder Bros and meet friends along the way. Choose how you want (...)
Pairs - Cute Animals Pairs - Cute Animals
2.07 ücretsiz 0 ×
1 Değerlendirme
4 Değerlendirmeler
★★★ Introducing A Cool New Game Memory - Cute Animals ★★★ Memory - Cute Animals is a Classic Memory Game played with the pictures of the cutest animals. You get more than (...)
Indoor Heli Sim 3D Free Indoor Heli Sim 3D Free
iDL Corporation
4.10.1 ücretsiz 5 ×
1 Değerlendirme
2.109 Değerlendirmeler
[Indoor Helicopter Simulator / Indoor Heli Sim] is a simulator of a small RC helicopter. You can controll the single-rotor heli, quad-rotor heli, etc... USB game pad(USB FMS controller (...)
Tappy Plane Ultimate Tappy Plane Ultimate
2.2.3 ücretsiz 0 ×
1 Değerlendirme
60 Değerlendirmeler
DESCRIPTION:- Inspired from the famous game,we all know what... we bring to you the most adorable,interesting and adventurous Tappy Plane Ultimate. Lot of games like this but the (...)
Terrible Monster Run Terrible Monster Run
IDKY Developments
1.0.5 ücretsiz 1 ×
1 Değerlendirme
84 Değerlendirmeler
Terrible Monster Run is a free 3D platform running and jumping game with a unique spin on using the traditional 2D platformer game. Our cute and cuddly characters are 2D "paper (...)
Magic Squares Magic Squares
Cliff Koperski
1.03 USD 1,49
1 ×
1 Değerlendirme
1 Değerlendirme
Magic Squares, the predecessor to Sudoku and a fascination of Leonardo DaVinci, is a multi level numbers challenge where the object is to place numbers in the squares so that the (...)
Electric Stun Gun Electric Stun Gun
ücretsiz 3 ×
1 Değerlendirme
23.494 Değerlendirmeler
This app is a one-trick pony, but the trick is fun if you can pull it off. Electric Stun Gun displays a picture of a Stungun-like device on your screen with an on/off switch. When you tap the (...)
Nuno Cardoso
1.0.9 ücretsiz 0 ×
1 Değerlendirme
3 Değerlendirmeler
CANuBitIt is an immersive game for anyone who plays it. It´s fun and challenging. Help CANU to get the higher score! Only one can put the name in the Hall of Fame. Only one can (...)
1.0.3 ücretsiz 18 ×
2 Değerlendirmeler
10.378 Değerlendirmeler
ZENONIA, has become the frontrunner of the Classic RPG Genre in Android Market. It ensures vast amounts of adventure, hours of playing time, hundreds of items, skill and quest (...)
Word Search Free Word Search Free
Kaptain Apps
1.5 ücretsiz 1 ×
1 Değerlendirme
351 Değerlendirmeler
★★★★ DISCOVER THE ULTIMATE WORD SEARCH GAME : - Infinite fun : a new, unique grid is generated for each game - Colorful and original words selection - Grid automatically (...)
lazer kılıç lazer kılıç
Ape Entertainment
1.4 ücretsiz 4 ×
1 Değerlendirme
3.707 Değerlendirmeler
Lazer Kılıç harika bir Işık Saber olan - Android için simülasyon gibi! Seçim için çeşitli kabzaları ve birden müthiş kılıç renkler de vardır! Star Wars ya da bir şey ya da bu tür, hayranları (...)
Gravity Pairs Gravity Pairs
Tireless Software UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
1.0 USD 1,04
0 ×
1 Değerlendirme
1 Değerlendirme
If you like pairs or memory-games, you will love this one. Falling cards coming in waves, or cards sliding over chutes. Find the pairs before they touch the ground! Up to four players on (...)
Leonard Frog Leonard Frog
3.8.8 ücretsiz 77 ×
3 Değerlendirmeler
674 Değerlendirmeler
The famous IPhone-Game Leonard Frog on Android! Leonard Frog is a high addictive jump game!! Meet Leonard Frog your friendly amphibian from the neighbor river. Jump on trunks (...)
Dr. Know Dr. Know
1.3 ücretsiz 0 ×
2 Değerlendirmeler
214 Değerlendirmeler
Jeu GRATUIT pour revivre l’actualité historique de manière ludique. Dans ce voyage à travers nos passions, Dr. Know nous demande de replacer les images d’événement dans leur (...)
Apple Worm Apple Worm
1.1.1 ücretsiz 0 ×
1 Değerlendirme
4 Değerlendirmeler
Mr. Norm is a worm that is always an appetite for good apples. Help him by the various worlds, to feed its voracious appetite, but beware, because he does not like to bite himself, much (...)
3D Invaders Beta - 3D Game 3D Invaders Beta - 3D Game
Johannes Borchardt
0.99.7 ücretsiz 4 ×
1 Değerlendirme
4.476 Değerlendirmeler
ANDLABS brings to you a great 3D interpretation of The classic Space Invaders. Defend your planet against the aliens invading from space. Move your ship using tilt control, shoot by (...)
Fishing Paradise 3D Free+ Fishing Paradise 3D Free+
Bass Professor ücretsiz 4 ×
1 Değerlendirme
116.855 Değerlendirmeler
Realistic fishing action at your fingertips! 8+ million installs worldwide! Awesome 3D graphics, multiplayer action. Build and manage your very own fish farm and travel to remote, exotic (...)
Blitz Brigade - Çevrimiçi FPS Blitz Brigade - Çevrimiçi FPS
1.4.0s ücretsiz 37 ×
1 Değerlendirme
520.844 Değerlendirmeler
Çok oyunculu bir aksiyona hazır mısın? İtilaf Devletleri mi İttifak Devletleri mi, zafer mi mağlubiyet mi, mayonez mi hardal mı? En büyük FPS hesaplaşması olan Blitz Brigade oyununda (...)
Black Donkey (demo) Black Donkey (demo)
Creative IT
0.1 ücretsiz 0 ×
1 Değerlendirme
19 Değerlendirmeler
There was nothing the Black Donkey strived for more than being free. He was dreaming of red and never-ending walls to be in the past. One day he had a dream in which a blue bird (...)
Zombie City Zombie City
1.0.7 ücretsiz 1 ×
1 Değerlendirme
2.792 Değerlendirmeler
Story: Only you are the one survivor in the city that all died. You have to survive from zombie who are trying to attack you, use your weapons and pops to kill the zombies. Tips: - Press (...)
Dispara globos Balloon Shooter Dispara globos Balloon Shooter
1.2.0 ücretsiz 0 ×
2 Değerlendirmeler
32 Değerlendirmeler
Balloon Shooter. Dispara a los globos que van apareciendo para aumentar tu puntuación. ¡No dejes que escapen! La mecánica de juego es estilo Tower Defense. En Balloon Shooter (...)
Sara's Cooking Class Lite Sara's Cooking Class Lite
1.9.35465.316 ücretsiz 7 ×
1 Değerlendirme
39.005 Değerlendirmeler
Welcome to Sara's kitchen: a playful foodie paradise for kids! Learn to bake and cook with different ingredients and tools and master tasty recipes from around the world! Come play (...)
Noiz2 Noiz2
Alistair Rutherford
1.4.0 ücretsiz 0 ×
1 Değerlendirme
282 Değerlendirmeler
Vector-graphics shoot-em-up from Kenta Cho. Ported to Android. Avoid the bullets. Shoot the enemy. Collect the green stars to build your shield.
Color Slots Slot Machines Color Slots Slot Machines
Color Logic Gaming
1.3.78 ücretsiz 5 ×
1 Değerlendirme
2.390 Değerlendirmeler
Win tons of coins and become a high roller with Color Slots Casino. Explore endless machines and never get bored again! Color Slots Casino is the most realistic Vegas slots (...)
AC Milan Fantasy Manager '14 AC Milan Fantasy Manager '14
4.41.000 ücretsiz 3 ×
1 Değerlendirme
5.144 Değerlendirmeler
FEEL THE COLORS OF AC MILAN WITH AC MILAN FANTASY MANAGER Welcome to the new game AC Milan Fantasy Manager, the only game that allows you to head up the team (...)
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