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Huna Manifestation Prayer

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2.2 ve yukarısı
50 - 100
USD 2,89

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Huna Manifestation Mobile App for Android.

Huna is the Ancient Hawaiian spiritual system for manifesting your desires into your reality has finally made its home in the Android Market Store.

Welcome to the Huna Prayer Manifestation system designed to help you tap into the power of this secret Hawaiian method to attracting what you want to you.

Use the Huna Prayer, Lotus Flower App to manifest abundance, love, heath, or anything your desire.

The Huna Prayer App uses a Powerful Manifestation Brainwave that consist of specific sounds and beats designed to super power brain function and add Manna to your desire locking your Prayer into the subconscious mind sparking the Law of Attraction process to work faster than you ever imagined.

This beautiful app also includes a working waterfall which is designed to eliminate negative energy as your meditate and allow your subconscious mind to generate positive energy increasing the power of the manifestation process as well as boosting the Huna Prayer power.

We have also included a real working candle which is a power tool to casting your prayer out into the Universe, Adding additional Manna and making your desires become reality.

The Huna Prayer App is as follows:

* Describe your desired outcome with great detail.
* Fold your Huna Manifestation, Law of Attraction Prayer.
* Drag your folded prayer and place it into the Lotus Flower Box.
* Drag and place the Top of the Lotus Candle Box onto the Lower section.
* Light the Huna Candle to send your prayer out to the universe.
* Activate the Huna Manifestation Brainwave, adding Manna to you Prayer.
* Repeat your Huna Prayer to yourself while the Brainwave plays and Manna builds within you.
* Use the additional tips to super charge the Huna Manifestation, Law of Attraction process.

We have also included a camera, screen capture function which allows you the save you Huna Prayer to your device so you can use as your device wallpaper reminding you to see and say your Huna Prayer every day for 28 days.

Just think...

You could be minutes away from turning your Device into Your Own Huna Prayer, Manifestation Machine.

Act now before introductory offer is over and price goes up!

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Huna Manifestation Prayer
Huna Manifestation Prayer
Huna Manifestation Prayer
Huna Manifestation Prayer

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