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callR ID - Identify callers

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1.5 ve yukarısı
10.000 - 50.000
USD 5,45

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Identify unknown callers with full informations thanks to callR ID.

callR ID automatically identifies incoming callers and, if available, displays the name, address and city of the caller as the phone rings.
The application also helps you quickly find people, services or businesses by direct search using name or number.


Feature Highlight:
- Identify unknown callers with full informations
- Automatic reverse lookup of the number called
- Issuing location with map
- Support delayed reverse lookup of calls (in case your phone was not online when you received the call, useful for people on CDMA)
- Extended Caller-ID phone log
- Share contact on facebook / twitter / email / SMS /..
- Favorites callers list support with extended callerid info
- Find people, services or businesses by searching directly by name or number and city (whitepages & yellowpages)
- Manual reverse lookup / caller name lookup
- Full support to customers by email / Extensive contextual help in the application
- Add new contacts to your address book with just one click
- Search additional caller info on Facebook, Google, Bing and Linkedin

Super simple to use: No complicated signups. Simply download and immediately use the application. We provide full support to every customer by email in case of need.

The application does not need to be launched explicitly.
You will receive a popup notification when the phone rings with extended informations (see screenshot)

Direct search of business/people:
Simply input the name/city of the business or person you are looking for and you will get the extended informations (see screenshot)

Reverse number lookup / reverse phone lookup:
Simply input the number you are looking for and you will get the full informations (see screenshot)

The service is available in :
- Canada
- New Zealand
- Italy
- Germany
- France
- Japan
- South Korea (Business only)
- Netherlands
- Finland
- Norway
- Switzerland
- Denmark

Important : 3G/4G or WiFi is required. Due to limitations in CDMA network you must have a WiFi connection enabled in order to get realtime callerid notifications. Anyway a result can be displayed after the call using the advanced call log.
We cannot answer review notes in Android Market!
If you need help, you have problem with the application, you have a comment or question, please send us a mail at callrid.android@gmail.com.
Our goal is to maintain high overall customer satisfaction in every possible way.

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callR ID - Identify callers
callR ID - Identify callers
callR ID - Identify callers
callR ID - Identify callers
callR ID - Identify callers
callR ID - Identify callers
callR ID - Identify callers

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