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Heart service PRO

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2.2 ve yukarısı
500 - 1.000
USD 1,11

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Heart service
cardio scan


App for measuring, storage and analysis of vital data.

When ending a continuous measurement after at least 30 seconds, the measuring progress can automatically be shown.
The selection of further measurement curves and comparison is possible in the PRO-version only. This allows you to display your condition over a longer period, for example if you have stopped smoking.

Useful for: training, prevention and rehabilitation, motivation, self-control, data capture and to be forwarded to third parties.

What is included?:
Just take a look at our navigation tree in the screenshot gallery.

Average heart rate/
Continuous pulse with RR interval in millisecond accuracy/
Pulse wave variability/
(manual registration of the pulse possible)/
Blood pressure (previous calibration required!)
(manual registration of blood pressure possible)/
Calculation of BMI/
notes on all values possible/
Diary with statistical analyzes of all values and notes (view divided into periods and values, selectable)/
Training exercises for sports, leisure and home (in preparation)
enter blood glucose values

The measurements and registrations can also be used as host mode.
************************************************** ***
If there are problems, please contact us.

The software generates own physical changes and shows tendencies.
The Software can not replace the doctor and is not a medical product!

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Heart service PRO
Heart service PRO
Heart service PRO
Heart service PRO
Heart service PRO
Heart service PRO
Heart service PRO
Heart service PRO


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