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Hello Kitty Lady Diary

Bu uygulama hakkında:Show more
2.2 ve yukarısı
10.000 - 50.000
USD 4,11

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Make your life adorable!!
Launched Hello Kitty Diary as the name of Hello Kitty ‘Lady“ Diary

★actual install size - 26M

★ Note ★
* Hello Kitty lovers who’d like to live with Hello Kitty in their lives.
* Someone who wants a dairy to arrange his/her heavy daily life schedules.
* Notepad should be so cute! Someone who’d like to have an unique notepad.

◇ Key Features ◇

* General
- Use diary, memo, and scheduler easily and independently
- Convenient search ability- Find your diary, memo, and scheduler at once!
- Realtime Notice & help

* Diary
- Change your monthly calendar’s theme and background
- Menstrual cycle schedule as well as graph included
- Easily change/edit menstrual schedule
- Write a diary with a picture in it
- Zoom in/out of your calendar
- Edit your diaries: undo, redo, etc.

* Schedule
- Unique and diverse themes for each month as well as 7 cute stickers that are provided
- Besides the monthly provided stickers, you may purchase more diverse stickers and themes from the Shop
- 12 different color fonts
- Show recurring schedules on calendar
- D-day Function

* Memo
- Provided with 5 cute different backgrounds for your memo
- Adjust the font size with the volume button
- Easy editing and deleting

* Settings
- For Google Calendar users, it is possible to sync your Google Calendar
- Create your password (Protect your privacy)
- Recover lost password with the export password by email
- SD Card Backup and restore function
- Server synchronization ability for purchased items
- Show/hide menstrual cycle schedule

* Widgets (Android)
- Display schedule on widget screen
- 3 different sizes of cute widgets (3*3, 4*4, 5*5 provided)
- Display sticker and user data
- Shortcut to application

If you need more information, e-mail to goldrt@nate.com will be appreciated.

ⓒ2009, 2012 Almondsoft Co.,Ltd. Developed by Almondsoft,Co.All Right Reserved
Almondsoft is a corporation in official license afficiation with Sanrio Digital Korea.

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Hello Kitty Lady Diary
Hello Kitty Lady Diary
Hello Kitty Lady Diary
Hello Kitty Lady Diary
Hello Kitty Lady Diary


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