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My Quotes For Life

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***The Most Number of Quotes Written by One Person Ever***


There are some quotes which inspire you
There are some which make you smile
There are some quotes which make you think
There are some which stay a while

These Quotes for Life are there to keep
For ever and ever in mind
So spread them across to all you know
'Coz its blissful to be kind.

Presenting a Unique Collection of over 700 Life Altering Quotes.
Please share this App and spread not just Happiness, but a Great Way to Live a Truly Majestic Life.

***** Laura on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 16:13
I absolutely love waking up and checking my "Daily Bliss". The quotes are so refreshing, and oddly true.

***** Deanna on Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 20:31
Beautiful design, colors are rich! These awesome quotes have touched my life in so many different ways... the soul is the main core. Excellent, superb application!! A must have... you'll never know when a quote of words will touch your spirit & soul. Awesome work producers!!!

***** Note from the Author:
Dear All, Thanks a lot!

I am touched by your Comments and Ratings. I never thought I will have so many people like what I write.
I am humbled by your reviews and am greatly thankful to All of You who are going through the App daily and making their Life peaceful, happy and inspiring.

I have taken a new onus now and am writing New Quotes every single day which will be updated Live in your Application. I want the whole world to Breathe in Love, Live in Peace and Laugh Forever.

May the Almighty Nature Bless Us All.

Best Regards,
Varun Ish Nanda

Author- Quotes For Life.

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My Quotes For Life

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