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Ride the Gap of Dunloe FREE

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2.2 ve yukarısı
1.000 - 5.000

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This thrilling, high-speed bicycle ride through the Gap of Dunloe in South-West Ireland, takes you through inspiring scenery on a switchback trail. The tiny road runs through a deep valley formed by a mighty glacier 20,000 years ago. This glacier carved a route through Ireland's highest mountain range leaving behind cliffs, waterfalls, rivers and lakes.

* Novel game which takes you on a thrilling bicycle ride
* 41 photos of the beautiful Gap of Dunloe
* Video clips of the stunning journey
* Race Mode to test your memory
* Slideshow Mode to show you all the photos in sequence
* Easy on-screen gestures for Race Mode, Race Results, Slideshow Mode and Help

Start your journey at the mountain pass at the top of the valley. Then see if you can recognise places along the route as your zig-zag ride takes you through this magnificent chasm to the lake in the valley below.

Every time you correctly identify a photo, you will see a short video clip of the journey. As your skill increases, you will see more and more video footage until the entire journey is played for you to enjoy!

Test yourself in Race Mode to see if you can identify all the different photos at speed. At the end of the race, you can check how well you have done relative to your other races and Tweet your friends with your results. Slideshow Mode shows you all the photos in sequence.

The game also features easy on-screen gestures to help you quickly find Race Mode, Race Results, Slideshow Mode and Help. Or you can use the standard Android menu.

This FREE app is ad supported and may contain ads in the notification tray and/or home screen. No in app sales. No internet connection required.

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Ride the Gap of Dunloe FREE
Ride the Gap of Dunloe FREE
Ride the Gap of Dunloe FREE
Ride the Gap of Dunloe FREE
Ride the Gap of Dunloe FREE
Ride the Gap of Dunloe FREE
Ride the Gap of Dunloe FREE
Ride the Gap of Dunloe FREE

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