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Handy Memo

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2.2 ve yukarısı
50.000 - 100.000

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★Handy Memo Widget lets you directly from the home screen to enter the core functionality★

Handy Memo can quickly write memo with text, handwriting, adding photo, symbols, record voice on same page.
For these who like to write as long as on one page, Handy Memo is the perfect memo.

Easy: Editing handwriting as easy as text
Fast: Double panel writing make writing without stop.
Neat: Better than write on paper

• Magic Pen: A creative technology to improve the handwriting quality. You enjoy handwriting on Handy Note more than on paper.
• Editable handwriting:  Editing handwriting just as editing text, you can copy / delete handwriting word by word. Even mix text and handwriting together.
• Double Panel Writing: No more waiting for your handwriting shows on page. Switch writing on two writing panels makes you writing smoothly.
• Export as HTML: Export your notes as HTML through email to exchange information with PC and other mobile devices.
• Private Folder: Password protected folder to keep your privacy safe.
• Pro edition functions:
- Insert photos and symbols. Text and handwriting font size, color, bulletin & numbering, alignment, etc.
- Synced voice recording: You can record when you writing, the handwriting and text will be become the index for recording. So you can easily to find what you recorded at that time.

★Handy Memo Free is a time-limited full function version and please upgrade to Handy Memo Pro Key in order to use following functions ★
1.No font properties, size, color, bold, etc.
2.Only blank template are available.
3.No copy & paste function.
4.Can not insert Rich media, photo, symbol, etc.

add Handy Memo widget and directly from the home screen to enter the core functionality of Handy Memo ( book shelf, write, add photo, voice recording)

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Handy Memo
Handy Memo
Handy Memo
Handy Memo
Handy Memo
Handy Memo
Handy Memo
Handy Memo


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