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NoteLynX Outliner Wiki

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2.2 ve yukarısı
10.000 - 50.000

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Outliner, Personal Wiki and Information Manager for Text and Images.

NoteLynX has a powerful, Multiple Category, Hierarchical Tree Structure, that allows a Child note to be linked to Multiple Parents, Dual View (Note+Tree), Cross Referenced and Hyper-Linked notes, Rich Text & Images (Pro) and many more useful features.

Free Version
* Multiple Parents & Cross-References
* Hyper-linked Notes
* Category Labelled Notes
* Bookmarks
* Dual View
* Search, with Wild Cards and Regular Expressions
* Day & Night Themes
* Insert Current Date
* Cloud Synchronization
* Auto Backup & Restore
* Use on Desktop via BlueStacks
* Cloned Notes
* Import/Export NoteLynX XML to backup or share
* Import/Export Natara Bonsai 5 CSV files
* Multi-Select operations
* Programmable Notes
* Text Size and List Formatting
* Notes of any size
* Set any tree node as the current tree root
* Hierarchical and non-hierarchical links
* Projects with multiple tree roots

Extra Features in Pro Version
* Todo
* Categorize
* Use as Category
* Alphabetic Sort
* Search Title, Note, Case, Word
* Formatting
--- Size, Bold, Italic, Underline
--- Centre, Bullets, Text Color
--- Web, Email, Telephone
--- Images
--- Custom Html tags
* Style Sheets
* Templates (via Cloned Sub-trees)
* Export to HTML (makes printing possible)

* Organizational tool
* Notepad Outliner
* MindMap / Mind Map
* Personal Wiki
* Todo List / Task Organizer
* Brain Storming Utility
* Memo Pad Jotter
* PIM Personal Information Manager
* Internet Bookmarks / Favorites
* Family Tree
* Life mapping
* Project Outliner / Planner
* Chess Analysis

Developed on
* Google Nexus 7
* Motorola Moto G
* Samsung Galaxy S2
* Asus Transformer Pad TF300T
* Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000

Not compatible: Android 2.1 or earlier

Keywords: Outliner, Outline, Mind Map, MindMap, Notes, Tree, Editor, Hierarchical, Organizer, Information Manager, Tasks, Todo

This software comes with no warranty whatsoever. Whilst every precaution has been taken to ensure this product is of the highest quality, it is the user's responsibility to ensure adequate data backup. AstroDean accepts no liability in the case of lost or corrupted data.

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NoteLynX Outliner Wiki
NoteLynX Outliner Wiki
NoteLynX Outliner Wiki
NoteLynX Outliner Wiki
NoteLynX Outliner Wiki
NoteLynX Outliner Wiki
NoteLynX Outliner Wiki
NoteLynX Outliner Wiki

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