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AUPEO! Personal Radio

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4.0 ve yukarısı
1.000.000 - 5.000.000

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Listen to Online radio at AUPEO! Personal Radio – the music radio station with the best music discovery experience. Stream your favorite artists, songs and music to your Android Smartphone and Tablet.

One Account - Many Devices: If you create an account (optional) you can continue your Aupeo! experience on other devices. Your Loves and Bans are tied to your account, so no matter what device you log in from, you'll have YOUR music experience, wherever, whenever. On top of that, new accounts can get you a sweet 7 day trial of Premium: Meaning no ads and a higher bitrate!


“AUPEO!: Simple and easy to use. No fuss involved. Like Pandora, it is capable of creating a playlist for you based on a favorite artist, but it also contains an easy-to-use mood search feature.”
- Mashable

“Web Radio: AUPEO! fits in the Recommendation list as well as this category. The service lets you experience music in four different ways: by Stations, Artist, Mood, and Personal. The coolest way is the mood area, which plays music based on your chosen mood. Overall, very intensive and powerful!“
- TechCrunch

"It's pretty cool. It's introduced me to a bunch of artists that I might not have heard before. I love that aspect of it"
- Ben's Girlfriend


Our music experts have created over 150 assorted internet radio stations that can be played easily as a live stream on the web or as an app.

Top genres such as Jazz Radio, Blues Radio, Pop Radio, Jango, Country Radio, Rock Radio, Classical Radio, Electronic Radio, International Radio, R&B Radio and Hip-Hop Radio have been carefully assembled and have been further classified into respective sub genres from Free Jazz and Bebop, Musical and Schlager, Traditional Country and Honkytonk, Alternative Rock and Industrial, Classical Concert and Film Music, Techno and Minimal, all the way to Balkan Beats and Celtic Music, and Classic Soul and Golden Age.

With the "Love" and "Ban" buttons, the live stream can be adjusted to the listener's personal taste. Loved songs and artists are played more frequently and the others are phased out. Alternatively, the one-of-a-kind Mood Selector chooses songs for every mood while a search for a specific artist will launch an Artist Radio – so many possibilities to discover new music. AUPEO! Personal Radio redefines online radio.

Become a fan of AUPEO! Personal Radio on Facebook at www.facebook.com/aupeo or follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/aupeo

Also check out our website www.aupeo.com and find us preinstalled on devices from Philips, ASUS, Acer, Terratec and many more.

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AUPEO! Personal Radio
AUPEO! Personal Radio
AUPEO! Personal Radio
AUPEO! Personal Radio
AUPEO! Personal Radio
AUPEO! Personal Radio
AUPEO! Personal Radio

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