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Avilution AviationMaps

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2.0 ve yukarısı
5.000 - 10.000

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Aviation Consumer's #1 Pick for Android. For more information, please visit http://www.avilution.com. Free download, including 30 days of free data but requires Avilution data stream for updates after 30 days ($74.95/year when purchased through Google Play gives access to all subscription products). Includes charts and aviation data for flight operations within the United States.

Designed both for on the ground operation for flight planning and route exploration as well as providing in the air flight information, AviationMaps displays the aircraft's current position and flight plan onto FAA Sectional, Low Altitude, and High Altitude charts (supports US and limited parts of Canada at this time). On the ground, current weather information (including radar images, winds, SIGMETs, AIRMETs, etc) can be overlayed as well, allowing pilots to visualize how current conditions will impact their flight.

AviationMaps can also be used to receiving an official briefing through DUATS and file flight plans through DUATS as well!

Flight plan entry supports victor and jet airways, making entry a snap even in a bumpy cockpit, yet displaying all waypoints along the way (for example for programming your Garmin 430/530). Once airborne, actual routes flown can be stored as GPS breadcrumbs, which can later be uploaded and viewed in Google Earth. AviationMaps improves situational awareness with easy in-flight access to airport data (such as runway information, radio frequencies, and traffic patterns), a complete flight pad for recording clearance information, and support for NACO approach charts. All chart data can be downloaded on ther ground, ensuring all necessary is data is available once disconnected in the air.

When connected to the Internet, flight plans can be briefed and filed using DUATS.

Google's OpenID authentication system is used for account verification, and Google has designed OpenID to ensure nobody else, including Avilution, will ever see your password in any format.

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Avilution AviationMaps
Avilution AviationMaps
Avilution AviationMaps
Avilution AviationMaps
Avilution AviationMaps
Avilution AviationMaps
Avilution AviationMaps
Avilution AviationMaps

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