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CallmyName -Dialer & Caller ID

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2.2 ve yukarısı
500.000 - 1.000.000

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CallmyName - Dial the way you think
CallmyName (pronounced "call my name") is a one of a kind app that delivers a complete solution for name dialing and social Caller-ID.

*** Rich social Caller-ID: Who's that person calling you? Where do you know him from and when exactly is his birthday? Stop guessing - our rich social Caller-ID has the answers, collected from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more sources. We do the matching, you do the talking.

*** Extended phone book : It’s 10X faster than calling phone numbers. Call, reach or discover millions of businesses & people globally in mere seconds, by dialing their unique name. Dial pubs, restaurants, movie theaters and more without having to maintain an updated address book, opening a directory, or consulting your white pages.

*** Control your mobile presence: Manage & control your published contact information under your name or a nick name: from your picture to your job title.

*** Get your own FREE Private Call-Name: Choose and register your FREE unique & catchy Call-Name, associate it with your EXISTING phone number and share it with your friends, just tell them "Call my Name"! This Call-Name will automatically migrate with you when you switch phones, switch numbers or even switch countries.

Just sign in via the social networks to enjoy all of these goodies.

More Info:
CallmyName is a FREE & friendly name-dialer that allows you to call/reach/navigate and much more. Millions of businesses & people are available by their respective call-names, independent of the users' own contact list.
Simply type in the name of the business or person you wish to reach and that's it! 
CallmyName also helps the user when he receives or makes a call: The service identifies the contact and displays rich information about him or her. From updated pictures to the latest tweets, from relationship updates to a business' opening hours. All that is important when making a call.

Our YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/callmynamebynttm
Our site: http://www.callmyname.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/CallmyName/249821501756202

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CallmyName -Dialer & Caller ID
CallmyName -Dialer & Caller ID
CallmyName -Dialer & Caller ID
CallmyName -Dialer & Caller ID
CallmyName -Dialer & Caller ID
CallmyName -Dialer & Caller ID


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