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Pinnacle Locker

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2.0 tarihine kadar 2.3.3
100.000 - 500.000

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- Profile ON/OFF can be switch using Widget. Click on Lock icon to turn on and off Profiles.

- We have received complaints that this application doesn't work on Sony Xperia x10. We are investigating this and will get back with a fix ASAP.

- For folks who complained that this app doesn't work with AdFree, please understand that Ads are the only revenue for us to support the application in any form. Any means to block the ads in the application with third party application will result in undesired behavior. Thank you for you patience.

Pinnacle Locker

- Lock any application on your phone: SMS, Message, Gmail, Photo, Gallery, Video and Camera ..any app u choose!

- Are you missing the feature that lets you lock different applications when you are at home and when you are at work and infact at any other place??

- Are you disappointed with that limited functionality that your free application offers??

Welcome to the world of Pinnacle Locker. Protect all your droid applications on the fly.


- The one feature that sets this app apart from the rest is profiles feature.

Pinnacle Locker lets you lock apps on your phone based on the profiles created.

Ex: If you want to lock apps A,B at home and B,C at work. Pinnacle Locker allows to do this with ease with two profiles profiles created. Just switch to the profile you want depending on where ever you are.

- Interactive to widget to switch from one profile to another to lock your applications.

-There is no limit on the number of applications locked and profiles created unlike other free applications.

keywords : app protector, applock,lock,safe,privacy,application protection,pic lock,image lock,image vault and photo lock


We are only as good as our product is.

If "Pinnacle Locker" doesn't work on your phone, please send us an email on comvolutionlabs@gmail.com with your device and its OS details. We will get back you with the issue addressed as soon as possible.

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Pinnacle Locker
Pinnacle Locker
Pinnacle Locker

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