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Polaris Navigation GPS

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2.2 ve yukarısı
500.000 - 1.000.000

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Turn your phone into a powerful navigation system with Polaris Navigation GPS. As an advanced Trail GPS, its specialty is off-road navigation, though we recently added features to assist with road navigation as well. This navigation tool-set includes online and offline maps, a panel for all standard GPS parameters, odometers, altimeters, speedometers as well as trail and waypoint navigation protocols. Having all this navigational power at your fingertips means you'll never feel lost and alone again. Also included in this immense tool-set:

★ A Robust waypoint management system for setting and locating your targets.
★ Trail recording and viewing- Record trails and store them to a trail database. Trails can be viewed later or in real time on aerial or standard maps.
★ Select map source (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap-Mapnik, Maps from Mapquest, Cycle Route Maps).
★ Cache map data for offline use and access maps when you don't have a network connection.
★ A satellite reporting module shows the location of the GPS satellites relative to your position and graphs each satellite's signal strength.
★ A GPS Waypoint guidance system includes a dynamic waypoint-finding compass that will help you navigate to any saved waypoint with certainty while reporting estimated time of arrival, distance to target and other statistics.
★ Trail Guidance System
★ Email location data from the app.
★ Supports many coordinate formats including latitude/longitude as degrees, deg:min, deg:min:sec, Military Grid Coordinate Reference System, and UTM coordinates.
★ Customizable unit reporting including support for marine navigation.
★ Select source for altitude reporting: Satellites, United States Geologic Survey or Mapquest's Altitude Service
★ Turn-by-turn directions and route maps are included for navigating roads.
★ Data protection System- Your data is backed up regularly meaning you will not lose your progress should your battery need replacement while en route to your destination.

★★ A Great GPS for Hiking, Boating, Fishing, Hunting, Camping or wherever your outdoor activities take you!

★ Additional Screenshots at: http://www.gps4free.com ★

★ NEW ★
v.6.22- Background Trail GPS recording option now available.
v.6.12- Added auto-center controls to trail navigation screen.
v.5.90- Corrected compass issue affecting tablets whose default orientation is landscape.
v.5.81- Added magnetic compass sensitivity controls and an option to hide the on-screen menu bar.
v.5.70- Send waypoint and trail data directly to GPS Waypoints Navigator
v.5.50- Waypoint photography
v.5.40- Added Map Search and Coordinate Conversion capabilities with the new MapIt plug-in.
v.5.32- Maps now viewable in landscape mode.
v.5.20- Added more map types and made it easier to switch from one map type to another. All new map
types can be cached for offline use.
v.4.90- Added MGRS (military grid reference) coordinate system and power saving options.
v.4.80- Offline maps and alternate map sources.
v.4.55- All numeric and time reporting formatted to your country's custom. Odometer values filtered at zero speed.
v.4.54- I. May now enter and navigate by UTM coordinates
V.4.50- I. Improved compatibility for marine navigation with addition of nautical units and coordinates
V.4-Multiple altitude sourcing- Satellites, US Geo Survey and Mapquest. Thanks to Odd Jørgen Eide, Philippines for some great user feedback and suggestions!

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Polaris Navigation GPS
Polaris Navigation GPS
Polaris Navigation GPS
Polaris Navigation GPS
Polaris Navigation GPS
Polaris Navigation GPS
Polaris Navigation GPS
Polaris Navigation GPS


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