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DnD Buddy

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2.2 ve yukarısı
5.000 - 10.000
USD 4,94

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Pathfinder, D&D 4E, 3.5E characters supported

Player Tools:
-Supports creating characters from scratch
-Exported from D&D Insider online (4E) or even exported from the old software version
-Choose items, feats, spells from integrated libraries
-Dice rollers

DM Tools:
-Combat Tracker/Initiative/Encounter Tracker
-View multiple Characters at same time (Party Viewer)
-Build campaigns with maps and encounters
-Add creatures straight from Monster library

Integrated Libraries:
-Magic Items

This app is optimized for both tablets and handheld screens (it automatically chooses the tablet version if your screen size is larger than 6"). Get the HD and mobile in one app (and install it on both).

This app is far less than the cost of one RPG book. Invest in me please? I'd like to work on this more and I hope you would like to sponsor me a bit. If you look at this apps history, you'll see in a short period, I've had many significant upgrades. I'm an independent developer: help me raise a new generation of gamers that love roleplaying and Dungeons & Dragons games as much as we do!

What's coming next?
Coming to Player Tools:
-Import libraries from Excel spreadsheets... want more spells, feats, or magic items? Easy import.
-Level up your characters and have the app guide you through it
-More prestige classes coming

Coming to DM Tools:
-NPC Generator
-Campaign maps with interactive encounters links

I obviously can't test on all devices but I'm quick to fix things if you can guide me a bit. If you want to take part in sending me bugs, go to this twitter handle:


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DnD Buddy
DnD Buddy
DnD Buddy
DnD Buddy
DnD Buddy
DnD Buddy
DnD Buddy
DnD Buddy
DnD Buddy
DnD Buddy
DnD Buddy
DnD Buddy
DnD Buddy
DnD Buddy
DnD Buddy
DnD Buddy
DnD Buddy
DnD Buddy
DnD Buddy
DnD Buddy

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