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FlipHead Thought Stopping

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Many, many people suffer from a variety of negative thoughts or beliefs about themselves, the world, or others. Negative thinking may include a variety of worries, regrets, apprehensions, and negativity. These negative thoughts are not helpful. They contribute to depression, grief, anxiety, or panic, and can paralyze or greatly limit people, creating life-long misery and fear. And although most people want to do away with their unhappiness and anxiety, they do not know how to free themselves.

This easy-to-use app helps you to recognize the sort of negative thinking that is distressing you. The app teaches you Thought-stopping and Thought-replacement techniques to control and then eliminate negative thoughts and beliefs, freeing you also from the unhappy and crippling emotions that come with them.
Thought-stopping as a technique was introduced decades ago by Sir James Alexander and has been taught by therapists since in a variety of ways. In this app, I will teach you the Thought-stopping and Thought-replacement techniques that I have been teaching my own psychology clients for years. For those who suffer with negativity, freedom from negative thinking may seem impossible, but these simple techniques can be life-changing and liberating.

The app also includes a very brief audio of an Attending Exercise that will demonstrate the mind’s ability to block out unwanted thoughts. The Attending Exercise can also be used as a brief relaxation tool and an instrument to distract you from the negative thoughts.

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FlipHead Thought Stopping
FlipHead Thought Stopping

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