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Galaxy S3 Go Theme and Locker

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2.0 ve yukarısı
5.000 - 10.000
USD 1,18

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!! ON SALE !!

Make sure your Go Launcher EX to have the following TWO settings in order to get the same apperance of the screenshot above,

(A) Homescreen> MENU Key> Preferences> Visual settings> Icons> Uncheck Icon base

(B) Homescreen> MENU Key> Preferences> Visual settings> Icons> Icon size> Default size (small)

===This is a Theme for Go Launcher EX & Go Locker===

*****The Newly Realistic GS3 Galaxy S III TouchWiz Nature UX Theme for Go Launcher EX with Go Locker is here!*****

•••••This Theme is still in development, we will keep UPDATING and IMPROVING very frequenctly•••••

★Before Using:
1. You need to have:
The latest version of GO Launcher EX and Go Locker installed to access the theme.
(Search "GO Launcher EX" & "Go Locker" via Google Play Store to download)

2. To apply the theme within GO Launcher EX:
"Menu> Preferences> Theme>S3 Touchwiz 5 Go Launcher EX Theme>Apply"
(Attention: It will set your wallpaper to the selected theme’s wallpaper automatically.)

3. If icon on homescreen is not replaced by my theme's icon, please replace the theme icon manually:
"Long Pressed the icon>Replace>Theme’s icon>S3 Touchwiz 5 Go Launcher EX Theme>locate the icon"

★Choosing Wallpapers
1. In the homescreen of Go Launcher EX, press "Menu" key.
2. Then, press "Wallpaper"
3. Select "Go Wallpapers"
4. Choose your favorite wallpaper

1. New TouchWIz UX Nature Locker with 4 Shortcuts at the bottom.
( Work on all resolution )
2. More than 150 Retina icons (108x108)
- 30+ HD TouchWiz UX Nature icons (i9300)
- 30+ HD TouchWiz 4 Galaxy S2 (i9100) icons
- 30+ HD TouchWiz icons from Galaxy Note (N7000) ice-cream Sandwich
3. 25 Natural HD Wallpapers
4. Missed Call, Missed SMS, Alarm, Charging Notification icon in Lockscreen
5. App2SD (Allow to move apps to SD Card Memory)

★To Optimize this theme

For better outlook, please follow the instruction below:
a) MENU>Preferences>Visual Settings>Icons>Icon Size>Default Size(Small)
b) MENU>Preferences>Visual Settings>Indicator>Indicator position>Bottom of screen
c) MENU>Preferences>Screen Setings>Grid Size>Tight (5x4)
d) MENU>Preferences>Visual Settings>Icons>Icon base>Uncheck icon base

It is applicable to all phones and make your phones look like a TouchWiz UX Natural.
By installing this theme package, your phone's LockScreen and Launcher will become TouchWiz UX Natural-Like, which is recently the hot phone Samsung Galaxy S 3 's launcher.
( Galaxy SIV, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S IV, Galaxy S 4 Go Theme and Locker is coming soon ! )

★Rate this app:
Your feedback is vital to us to improve all of our themes. If you are not satisfied with this theme, please send us e-mail and we will improve it soon!

★More themes are coming:
More themes are available soon, stay tuned!

Uygulama ekran görüntüleri

Galaxy S3 Go Theme and Locker
Galaxy S3 Go Theme and Locker
Galaxy S3 Go Theme and Locker
Galaxy S3 Go Theme and Locker
Galaxy S3 Go Theme and Locker
Galaxy S3 Go Theme and Locker
Galaxy S3 Go Theme and Locker

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