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Cook With Bobby

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2.2 ve yukarısı
10.000 - 50.000

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Bobby needs some help in the kitchen and a talented girl like you must be the perfect person for this job. You are going to make some really delicious chocolate biscuits by playing another cool cooking game. Follow the recipe and add all the ingredients you need into the bowl. Mix the ingredients to obtain a paste, then use the molds to give to the biscuits the form you like best. Bake your biscuits and decorate them with cream, candies, fruits and other delicious stuff. Enjoy! Bobby is making her favorite chocolate biscuit! Now you are a cooking instructor, your job is to help her make the most delicious chocolate biscuit as soon as possible! There are 7 choices for you on the upper column. Click each category accordingly with the clue on the top. When everything's okay, click "DONE" to see the results. And now the very delicious chocolate biscuits are just in front of you

Have fun! Bobby loves tea parties and cooking biscuits for his friends! He's got a unique recipe of biscuits and he knows about decorating! Be his guest in his lovely kitchen and cook with him for today's tea party!

Game Instructions / Controls
Drag and drop the ingredients you need to prepare the chocolate biscuits.

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Cook With Bobby
Cook With Bobby
Cook With Bobby
Cook With Bobby
Cook With Bobby
Cook With Bobby
Cook With Bobby

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