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Safe Drive Free

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2.0 ve yukarısı
10.000 - 50.000

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To use this App you should have a *CAR DOCK* as this will automatically allow the app to detect that you are driving. The app has also a manual on/off switch for people without car docks, you will have to manually enable the app each time you want to use it under settings, if you plan on using it without a car dock.

With "Drive Safe" you can automatically:
✔ Send calls to voicemail and reply with a predefined SMS to their calls.
✔ Reply to all incoming text messages and let people know that you are driving and will respond shortly.
✔ Save those SMS for further reference.
all while driving and your phone is in a CAR DOCK (or charging in your car charger. The car dock should be a compatible car dock with your device).
You could also manually enable the feature under settings, if you lack a Car Dock.

✔ The app doesn't use GPS/WiFi/Cell positioning, it knows when you have plugged the phone to the car dock and thus has 0 battery drainage.

Please send us reports of force closure via the report window so we can have a look, thank you.
Features in development
✔ Reply to emails
✔ Auto Voice reading of incoming SMS and Emails

Please email us your suggestions so we can put them on our list.

To support this app and deliver it totally 100% free to you we are using ADs.
You will also receive a search button on your home screen to search from thousands of offers on the internet. You can delete the button with 1 click but remember that there are many deals waiting for you!

Search shortcut icon on your home screen
Search shortcut on your bookmarks.

Make sure to check out our other cool apps:
✔ Walk and Text (Texting while walking is dangerous - not any more!)
✔ Lost Droid - protect your phone if stolen or lost
✔ Call Guard (Block Incoming Outgoing Calls/SMS , the best Call Blocking and SMS blocking app on the market)
✔ Total control (Shake2Call) - shake and use your device's sensors and keys to control the calls
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✔ Battery Percentage Alarm Icon (See the Percentage of the Battery, get notified in case of low battery and many other features)
✔ Emergency (Panic Button, sending your location in a case of emergency)
✔ Open WiFi Scanner (scan and be notified when in a range of an open/free and working Internet connection via WiFi network)
✔ Amazon Free App of the Day Notifier (wake up to a free app every day!)
✔ Hide Caller ID (automatically hide your caller id based on preference settings)

Short explanation about each permission the app asks for:
- Send, edit and receive SMS - we need this to read the incoming SMS, and send and store the SMS we are sending out to your threads for future reference
- Make calls and read phone state - we need this for the blocking/send to voicemail feature to work.
- Internet access - the app is not requiring internet for it to work, however, to make it fully free we are adding ADs to support the app. The ADs will require internet connection, but the app will work perfectly fine without one. Please do not block those ADs so you can support further development of the app.

Please use the report feature to report problems!

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Safe Drive Free
Safe Drive Free
Safe Drive Free
Safe Drive Free

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