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Message of the day Widget Free

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2.1 ve yukarısı
50.000 - 100.000

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Write ABC (Free)


5000 quotes from different categories including:
art, computers, drugs, education, kids, literature, love, pets, politics, riddles, science, songs-poems and sports.
Categories are subject of user choice, initially all categories are enabled.
All quotes are written naturally (not translated) in five languages. The language is automatically selected according to the phone settings.
Quotes are updated automatically every 30 minutes.
Quotes can be pronounced using Text-To-Speech system.
Voice synthesis by TTS is separate application , if it is not working, please install from Market TSS and language data.
If the quality of generated speech is not satisfying you, just like me, I strongly reccomend to install Ivona TTS engine and corresponding language data. It is crystal quality and natural human voice. It is also still free of charge.
The background is semi-transparent, giving smooth view of widget over wallpaper.

This application is Android™ Widget port of original text mode program, used in UNIX™ and Linux™ environments, called "fortune", "fortune-mod" and "MOTD".
Fortune Widget contains the ever-popular fortune program, which will display quotes or witticisms. Fun-loving system administrators used to add fortune to users' .login files, so that the users get their dose of wisdom each time they log in.

Installation: This doesn't open, it is a Widget not an app. Add on homescreen with Long press on background -> Add to Home screen -> Widgets -> Message of the day

In Android environment, it is more useable to run this kind of application using widget, than the original text mode, from command prompt of terminal.

Introduced Share button - to make widget more social, if you like the joke or phrase, easily share it with friends.
Share option is tested and works with: SMS, Gmail, Email, WhatsApp. Currently it fails to work with Facebook, due to well known bug in Facebook for Android. Do not report this problem, please, report it to Facebook app developers.

License: GNU General Public License version 3
Source: https://sourceforge.net/projects/messageoftheday/

This app is completely free, thanks to advertising network used: Admob - it will help us to keep developing more apps.
For people who are not comfortable with ads, please consider to buy Ad-Free version.

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Message of the day Widget Free
Message of the day Widget Free
Message of the day Widget Free


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