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NetSlide Lite

Bu uygulama hakkında:Show more
2.2 ve yukarısı
10.000 - 50.000

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NetSlide Business
EUR 9,99
NetSlide Pro
EUR 1,99


NetSlide displays images and videos from local and remote sources (internal memory, local network or the internet), turning your device into a smart digital frame.
You can use it to show your media files or your friends' (e.g. connect to their Instagram account). Additionally, it can display extra information (exif) from your pictures, including comment tags (that you can add from your computer, to describe your holiday photos), date of creation or a mini map from where the photo was taken.
It has trigger functions so that it will start automatically at certain events. You can, for example set the slideshow to start when you get back home and plug your device to recharge.

Pro version has extended functionality suitable for business that want to synchronize multiple devices to show content. A use case example is setting up a Dropbox source and update with offers for a shop or a chain of shops (e.g. deal of the day for supermarkets, newly added properties for a real estate agency or corporate events display with stock market ticker).

Please contact through email if you have any problem configuring or running NetSlide.

See below the features on each version:

Lite edition:
- Photo and video slideshow
- Show local content
- Show content from Dropbox (Images only), Instagram, Flickr, Reddit, Imgur and more!
- Show map from where photos were taken
- Show exif information
- Slideshow start/stop schedule
- Limited transitions
- Limited number of sources
- Limited advanced configuration options
- Ads

Pro edition:
- All the features in Lite version, plus...
- No ads
- Define any number of sources
- Automatically cycle between multiple sources
- Start on boot option
- Additional transitions
- External video player (use your favourite player for videos that cannot be shown with the native Android player)
- Hide background text
- Change color scheme

Business edition:
- All the features in Standard version, plus...
- Includes all the advanced configuration options
- Change background text
- Automated content synchronization (i.e. update media every x minutes)
- Ticker option to display scrolling text from RSS (news, facebook, etc.)
- Keep downloaded content on exit (i.e. cached content will display even if no network connection is available)
- Remote configuration (e.g. add new sources to all devices). Contact for details on how to set up

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NetSlide Lite
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NetSlide Lite
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NetSlide Lite
NetSlide Lite
NetSlide Lite
NetSlide Lite
NetSlide Lite
NetSlide Lite

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