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Media5-fone MPS

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2.2 ve yukarısı
10.000 - 50.000

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The unique free SIP Softclient with Top Audio Quality for the Android family now supports Automatic Provisioning!

Media5-fone MPS (Mobile Provisioning Server) is the best and most comprehensive Mobile VoIP SIP Softphone application that enables you to make and receive free or inexpensive phone calls over the Internet using a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

Your SIP Provider should have provided you with a MPS Username and Password. If so, simply install this app and enter this information when requested to start making and receiving calls all around the world.
If you do not already have a MPS Username and Password, please ask your SIP Service Provider to contact Media5 (sales@media5corp.com) and setup a MPS account for you.

• Automatic configuration / provisioning.
• Selectable ringtone.
• Customizable tab bar.
• Acoustic Echo Cancellation / Automatic Microphone Gain Control.
• Telephony/Communications Features:
- Make and Receive VoIP Calls over Wi-Fi and 3G.
- SIP URI Dialing support (e.g. sip:media5@sip.media5.com).
- Audio routing (Loudspeaker / Handset / Bluetooth / Wired Headset) / Mute.
- Complete access to the native contact list.
- Favorites / Speed Dial.
- Call History / Contact management.
- Voicemail integration / notification (SIP MWI).
- Hold / Resume / Redial.
- In call contact picture.
- Notification Center Support for missed calls, voicemail and registration status.
• Other:
- Call Waiting / 2nd Call / Call Toggle / Call Transfer / Conference.
- Secured SIP Transport (TLS) - Must be activated by your SIP Service Provider.
- Secured Encrypted Media (SRTP) with SDES - Must be activated by your SIP Service Provider.

• See the "Media5-fone support" link below
• Or email support@media5corp.com

• Media5 Corporation is not a telephony provider; you must previously obtain a MPS account from your SIP IP-PBX IT administrator or from your SIP Service Provider. YOU MUST HAVE RECEIVED A MPS USERNAME AND PASSWORD FROM YOUR SIP TELEPHONY PROVIDER PRIOR TO USING THIS APP.
• Allowing VoIP over 3G - Important note: Some mobile network operators may prohibit or restrict the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) over their data network or impose additional fees and/or charges when using VoIP over their network. Please ask your mobile network operator before enabling the VoIP over 3G feature. Please contact the Media5-fone Technical Assistance Center for any concern related to VoIP over 3G.

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Media5-fone MPS
Media5-fone MPS
Media5-fone MPS
Media5-fone MPS
Media5-fone MPS
Media5-fone MPS
Media5-fone MPS
Media5-fone MPS

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