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SmartPool for all

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2.2 ve yukarısı
100 - 500

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Smart pool app (from Mobisir) intends to make the car pool very simple and easy to use at any time for all the people (irrespective of whether a person has a car or not !) with maximum amount of trust and should result in reduced car print per day in the city (in effect less fuel usage and less vehicle sales and less environmental damage !).

Users need to do the following steps in order to use the app effectively.
a. Register with your phone number and email id.
b. After login, you have the following options
- Invite2Circle
- Setup locations
- Setup Journeys
- Publish pooling
- Avail pooling

Invite2Circle - In order to use the app you need to be part of a circle. You need to invite your own friends and others to form the trusted circle. Whatever pool information you publish it will be seen only by those in your circle.
You will be shown with the list of people from your phone book and you can select the members and invite them. All the invited members will be notified by SMS and by the server if they have already installed the app.
If other users invites you, you will get a notification and the invitation will be shown under "pending invitation".
once the invitation is accepted, you can see the member name under "Current Members"

Setup locations - This option will help you to create the regular locations to which you will be travelling. You need to enter the place and landmarks in order to help the navigation later.

Setup Journey - This option is to create the actual journey the member is making. You need to just connect 2 locations to create the journey, along with the landmarks which will come in between (one who avails the pool will join the trip in those locations). This is not restricted to within city but also can be inter-city (e.g. Bangalore to Mysore)

Publish pooling - Using this option, the pool provider will be able to publish the pool information. The journey information along with the time at which it starts.
Users can publish future trips here. It is not restricted to only city travel, but also between cities (e.g. Bangalore to Mysore).

Avail pooling - This is the option to be used by the users to avail pooling. The member can enter a filter to narrow the results. The results are shown in a list from the matching pools. The member can see the details ("details" button) of each pool and then join (join button) them at a particular location and time.
Once the member perform join, the pool provider will get a notification to accept or decline. Once the pool provider accepts or declines the pool, the member who wants to avail it will be notified accordingly.

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SmartPool for all
SmartPool for all

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