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Your Task | Custom Lists Lite

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2.2 ve yukarısı
100 - 500

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****Some Pro Features Unlocked!!!*****

Stay organised and increase productivity with Your Lists, for all of your

Task Lists
Bucket Lists
Shopping Lists
To Do Lists
Custom Lists
All in one location.

With Your Lists you can create customised lists to match your own specifications. List items can consist of any combination of 1-4 text fields, a tick box, a star rating and a date field all of which can be added or removed from a list at any point. The best android list app on Google Play.

Your...Dvd Collections, Wedding Checklist, Book Collections, Camping Checklist, Christmas Present Lists, Holiday Packing Checklist, Holiday Destinations, New Baby Checklist, Today’s laundry List ..the list goes on.

Your Lists how you need them with a mobile app that keeps you productive and organised on the go.

Each list you create can have 3 different views dependant on the list configuration.

Edit View - Shows a snapshot of each list item. If used the first and second field along with the date field is shown for each list item.

Rating View - List items can be rated 1-5.

Tick View - List items can be ticked off. Like a traditional Checklist.

Yours Lists lite is ad supported and you're limited to 3 lists with 15 list items on each.

The full version has no limitations or ads, comes with 40 premade Bucket, Task and To Do lists, ranging from 100 Must see films to 25 things to do before 25. A simple to use interface with changeable themes alongside backup and restore functionality.

Your Lists keeps you and your lists organised.

Check out a review here


Uygulama ekran görüntüleri

Your Task | Custom Lists Lite
Your Task | Custom Lists Lite
Your Task | Custom Lists Lite
Your Task | Custom Lists Lite
Your Task | Custom Lists Lite
Your Task | Custom Lists Lite

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