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ProDo | Tasks List (To do list

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2.2 ve yukarısı
100.000 - 500.000

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Create and manage to do lists, synchronize them with ProDo.

NOTE!!! /* To do Widget does not work if app is moved to SD card. This
is the restriction of Android OS */

Refer to screenshots for help.

ProDo helps users to create and effectively manage their To Do lists.


- Simplicity and ease of use! We tried to make to do list intuitive
and minimize the number of actions required to create and to manage to do
- Select any of 3 themes. Make your to do list look the way you like.
- Synchronization with Google tasks (OAuth technology is used -
you will not have to tell the application your password). Smart algorithms effectively syncs your to do list with Google tasks.
- Create to do items not only with keyboard but also with a help of
your microphone. Create To do tasks with one click.
- Support of multiple to do lists. ProDo can manage multiple To do lists with multiple to do items.
- Extended properties of to do items (Notes, Priority of a To do, Due date etc..).
- ProDo has a built-in time tracker to know how much time is spent on a
certain to do task.
- Alarms for To do items. ProDo supports notifications for individual to do items.
- Minimal system requirements for the application (ProDo needs
the Internet access to sync with Google Tasks and check for To do updates).
- Various customization options allow to "fit" To do manager for yourself.
Manage almost each option of To do app look

All your suggestions about To do list application will be reviewed and
taken into consideration while planning next releases. Please, send
your feedback to our e-mail support@othelle.com with subject 'ProDo suggestion'.

Uygulama ekran görüntüleri

ProDo | Tasks List (To do list
ProDo | Tasks List (To do list
ProDo | Tasks List (To do list
ProDo | Tasks List (To do list
ProDo | Tasks List (To do list
ProDo | Tasks List (To do list
ProDo | Tasks List (To do list


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