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Push Ups Coach

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2.1 ve yukarısı
50.000 - 100.000

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Push ups are one of the best exercise you can make, they develop the muscles of the chest, arms, and the midsection as a whole. They are the base for many more advanced calisthenics exercises.

The push ups often are a part of more trainings eg The Armstrong Pull-up Program. But same push up training requires support from other muscles exercise.

The program is designed for person who can include push ups training to others and have whole control over it.

Apps includes sophisticated generator of workout plan as well specially designed timer to control workout in progress. The workout plans are presented in graphical representation, you can edit it with ease. If you are during special training you can consult generated workout plan with professional coach and improve it. As a coach you can design experimental workout and test it.

Automatic coach can generate advanced mesocycle to increase training effect and prevent over-training. Also you can plan everything yourself and use only advanced timer, and history tracker.


★ Advanced stopwatch/timer to control workout in progress.
★ The program can plan whole training cycle.
★ Auto coach estimate break during training days (depending of you fitness level).
★ Each workout plan is different to omit muscle muscle adaptation (build in advanced monte carlo generator).
★ You can manually choose workout plan effort (recovery, maintaining, improving, hard, overreaching).
★ Possibility of instant permutation the training days.
★ The program can base on real test, not approximation.
★ Control over whole workout as well training plans.
★ You can use your own training plans.
★ Possibility with plan each workout with using graphical representation.
★ Construction of timer should lower stress level when you are waiting for next set - it increase concentration on reps.
★ You can change you mind in each moment in workout eg. you can decrease break length.
★ Training statistics.

Limitations of the program:

- the program generates workout plans for person who can do minimum ten push ups in a row,
- the maximum push ups allowed by program is 150 in a row,
- maximum number of sets is limited to seven.

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Push Ups Coach
Push Ups Coach
Push Ups Coach
Push Ups Coach
Push Ups Coach
Push Ups Coach
Push Ups Coach
Push Ups Coach


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