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V Dusk Falling

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3.0 ve yukarısı
50.000 - 100.000

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Vampires are awakening all over the world.

The Summer Tribunal: Rise of Nine will run from June 21 to September 22.

V is a game you can play everywhere; on the way to work, at school, out at night. Hunt other players in your city or use the Janus Mirror to hunt anywhere in the world. It's a game of strategy, an MMORPG, an interactive vampire story. Create powerful clans to rule your city--or the world.

IN THE SUMMER TRIBUNAL, players are not alone. The Nine Killer will rise to hunt the strongest players in the world. Pure blood vampires will keep watch over the new race and act as powerful area bosses that can be defeated by only the strongest of players.

NEW features for the Summer Tribunal . . .

• Challenging quests will take you all over the world.
• New Virtual Currency: Silver Drachs.
• Celestial events influence power gains.
• New Whisper engine allows you to communicate with clan members or shout to all nearby vampires.
• The top vampires of the Summer Tribunal will receive titles and prizes.
• New item: WARD, a defensive amulet that absorbs the attack of another vampire and damages the attacker.
• The Brutal Act: You now have to bite your Clan Lord to overtake the clan.
• Usurper: When biting a Clan Lord, you will now have the option to shatter their clan, or leave your previous clan and take over your victim’s clan.
• New Drops: The Deathshead, a token left behind when a clan is shattered. And look for the CITRINE, the CAT'S EYE, and the rare DEMON'S EYE.

Also NEW, Play to become one of the ASCENDED

At the end of the Summer Tribunal, the strongest vampires will be chosen by Inness to become Ascended.

Here's an early look at this powerful new class:

• Your will earn the title of Ascended, joining their powerful inner circle.
• You will maintain the Power you gained in the Summer Tribunal.
• You will compete only against other Ascended vampires.
• You will unlock new quest chains created specifically for the Ascended.
• You will no longer create clans, but fight to become the strongest of the Ascended.
• You will be vulnerable to new players in the Autumn season that become more powerful than you, they will be heavily motivated to overtake Ascended vampires of the Summer Tribunal.
• Your attacks will cause a loss of Power to the victim, the amount dependent on your Power. Attacking other Ascended players will be resolved with a new combat system, such interactions will be high on risk and reward.
• Existing talents will be amplified, with new abilities exclusive to the Ascended class.
• You will be allowed to play a new character as well as your Ascended character.

Visit the Deck of Days on your HUNT screen to see powerful TALENTS & ITEMS.

Visit www.duskfalling.com for all the latest NEWS, Story updates, and TUTORIALS.

Keep watch for CLUES & NEWS on Facebook (vduskfalling) & Twitter (@raincrowgames). Inness will assist those who Play the Story™, celebrate those who triumph -- for all the world to see! EXAMPLE: Twitter "a powerful item can be found on the isle of Gozo, near the cave of Calypso."

Join FORUMS for some good vampire banter at www.duskfalling.com/forum/


An issue? Email us directly at: admin@raincrowgames.com

PLEASE NOTE: V depends on the user having a strong GPS signal and network connection. It's a location based game.


"A dark new layer on the real world. A compelling game, with great story, and a fun mechanic that uses the physical word unlike most other games. I've been tempted to go out of my way to hunt other players - not something any other game can boast. Well done!"
by Saraphel

"This is an excellent idea and concept. If you loved hide and seek as a kid, you'll love this. Very similar to the idea of geo caching but it's people you look for. Great job to the creators of this app. I can see this being very addictive."
by Lawdog3534

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V Dusk Falling
V Dusk Falling
V Dusk Falling


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