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Find Differences PRO

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2.2 ve yukarısı
100.000 - 500.000

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How fast can you find five challenging differences between two high quality images by comparing them one to another and score points?
It’s not as easy as it looks; it’s named Find Differences PRO after all.

Race against the time to win additional bonus time score points or choose to play the non-timer game mode (selected in the settings).
Click directly on the difference that you found so that you mark it. Any invalid clicks will be penalized. If you make enough invalid clicks or if timer runs out, you lose the current stage. Think wisely and evolve your sense of vision.

With a great score system, this Find Differences will definitely challenge your mind. If you don’t find differences in time, the game will mark them for you, so that you can spot them the next time. In order to get all the points possible, you must play with timer on - the harder it is, the more you are rewarded.

Find Differences PRO is ideal for playing with family, friends and for kids.
It is for all ages and looks great on all devices!
All images used are stock photos bought by us specifically for this game. All differences are cleverly and strategically designed.

Train your brain and your vision to spot the differences between nearly identical images in this challenging and fun brain & puzzle game. Raise your IQ and concentration levels and show your friends how good you are at finding differences.

The permissions for this game are only used for displaying ads. It’s how we keep the game free of charge!

Tags: find differences, difference, quiz, PRO, HD, quality, images

More images coming soon...
Check for updates!

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Find Differences PRO
Find Differences PRO
Find Differences PRO
Find Differences PRO
Find Differences PRO
Find Differences PRO
Find Differences PRO
Find Differences PRO

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