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Here I Am!

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2.2 ve yukarısı
100.000 - 500.000

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Never forgot the road to a place where you had already been?
Never need to tell a friend where you are?
Well, with I'm Here this won't be a problem anymore!

--- Features: ---

* It finds very quickly the coordinates of the place where you are!
(Everything works perfectly even if you're not connected to the internet! To let it appear the name of the streets a connection is required.)

* Send the coordinates of the place where you are to a friend of yours with the supported applications: SMS/MMS, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Mail, Gmail.

* Or add them to your favourites, so you will be able to navigate to them at any moment!

* Open the links that your fiends may send you using 'I'm here!'
(IMPORTANT--Always select "open with 'I'm here!'")
Once opened a link of a friend of yours, you will be able to navigate to the place where your friend is! Or add the place to your favourites!

* Choose your favourite navigator to arrive at destination! The application supports the following navigators:
- Google Navigator
- Waze
- Navigon
- Mireo viaGPS
- Wisepilot (Only when you know the name of the street!)
- CoPilot GPS

* The Check-In isn't automatic but you can enable the "Auto Check-In" as soon as you open 'I'm Here!'

* In case you saved a place but you aren't connected to the internet, instead of the street name there will appear the coordinates. The street names will appear
as soon as you connect your device.

* To delete a place from your favourites: long press on the item you wanna delete and select "Delete".

'I'm Here!' is free for everybody. It will have only 3 non-invasive advertisements posted at the edge of the screen.
If you are fed up with these advertisements very soon there will be available an unlocker that will delete the banners.

If you enjoy the application please comment and rate!
For every kind of problems, contact us:

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Here I Am!
Here I Am!
Here I Am!
Here I Am!
Here I Am!
Here I Am!
Here I Am!

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