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Everest - for Basecamp Next

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2.3 ve yukarısı
1.000 - 5.000
USD 2,11

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Everest is the first and the only Android application to support Basecamp Next!.

This version supports most of the features available through the API, and we ensure that they work really well. We are actively developing it and you can expect a new release every two weeks.

★ The next release is on 29th May ★

Everest currently supports the following

★ Offline support - all data is stored internally so that you can use it even when on the move
★ Messages - you can keep in touch with the latest on all basecamp projects
★ Comments - find out what the team thinks
★ Files - shows you a list of every attachment uploaded on the project
★ Events - every project shows you the latest that has been happening
★ Todo Lists - you can now view all the Todo Lists and todos inside them
★ Todos - you can now view/edit/delete all the Todo Lists and todos inside them
★ Website & Newsletter - to let you know what are we up to
★ Active Development - will releases planned for every two weeks

We do not support Basecamp Classic at this time. If you are interested in using Basecamp Classic, please use Beacon or Camper.

Coming Soon

★ Notifications - so that you're the first to know when that todo is done
★ Upload Attachments - so that you can post images on the go
★ Many more features

The names of Basecamp® and 37signals are registered trademarks of 37signals, LLC. Everest is in no way affiliated with 37signals.

Uygulama ekran görüntüleri

Everest - for Basecamp Next
Everest - for Basecamp Next
Everest - for Basecamp Next
Everest - for Basecamp Next
Everest - for Basecamp Next
Everest - for Basecamp Next

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