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Quick Terminal [Automate it]

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2.3 ve yukarısı
5.000 - 10.000

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Quick Terminal
Quick Terminal is a simple terminal emulator to run your daily linux commands without the need of rewriting manually.
Now you can use linux on android along with the full linux command list, android is a linux os so work with it that way.
Add your own Command to the Quick Terminal quick setting and choose from a list choosing the output type whether it is a simple toast message or even a dialog.
Choose From many of precoded functions like MacChanging and checking, Signal Resetting and the usuall Rebooting into Recovery or Bootloader all precoded into Quick Terminal page.
Check your mac address using the mac address finder and change it using mac adress changer.
Disable MediaScan on Boot and even wipe Dalvik Cache.
Run any command in a simple menu choosing whether to run it as a User Or SuperUser (SU).
Run the linux Commands as easily as it can go. Everybody hates rewriting the commands.
No need to recall your commands any more just add them and you're done.
With MyScripts tab just add your scripts to /QuickTerminal/MyScripts and start running them manually via the app.
New Tab : How to root , why root, need help rooting

If anyone is having a crash, try to delete the QuickTerminal Folder in the sdCard and try again. this should help against any problem.

Tested Devices:
Galaxy S
Galaxy S2
Galaxy S3
Reported Tested:
Galaxy Note
Galaxy Note 2
Galaxy S4
Nexus 7

Internet/Network State/Wifi State :For use of Ads
Read/Write :For Reading of the scripts folder and creating your own Commands by writing into file
Modify system settings: It is a root app

Keywords: Signal, Reset, Mac, Terminal ,Quick,linux.

Uygulama ekran görüntüleri

Quick Terminal [Automate it]
Quick Terminal [Automate it]
Quick Terminal [Automate it]
Quick Terminal [Automate it]
Quick Terminal [Automate it]
Quick Terminal [Automate it]
Quick Terminal [Automate it]
Quick Terminal [Automate it]
Quick Terminal [Automate it]
Quick Terminal [Automate it]
Quick Terminal [Automate it]

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