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Electric Dawn

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2.3 ve yukarısı
1.000 - 5.000
USD 1,36

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Do you have trouble waking up on dark winter mornings? Electric Dawn is a sunrise and bird song alarm clock that awakens you gently from deep sleep with a dawn simulator before sounding a regular alarm.

A Natural Alarm Clock:

Rather than being jolted out of sleep, the gentle sunrise and bird song will gradually ease you out of deep sleep before the regular alarm indicates it's time to get up.

* Multiple alarm profiles.
* Set alarm time.
* Set repeat option based on Day of Week.
* Set sunrise time prior to alarm time (0 to 60 minutes).
* Natural Sunrise effect.
* Snooze sunrise and alarm.
* Select an audio track to fade in during the sunrise.
* Select an audio track, or use the default alarm sound for the regular alarm.
* Sort tracks by title, album or artist.
* Enable/disable vibrate on alarm.
* High quality Nature Sounds are included. Each sound is recorded using professional audio equipment and runs for at least 1 minute before looping:
* Summer birds singing a dawn chorus.
* Beach with rolling sea, lapping waves and seagulls calling.
* Tropical rainforest with birds, crickets and other exotic sounds.

Snooze works as follows:
+ Tap the sunrise screen during sunrise to restart the sunrise mode (and postpone the alarm).
+ Tap the sunrise screen during alarm to silence the alarm for a number of minutes (user configurable in the settings).

FAQs and further details can be found on the website:


If you have any problems, comments, suggestions or any other feedback then please email them to WhimsicalOtter@gmail.com . Thanks!

To all those who leave feedback on the marketplace, many thanks for your time and comments!

Keywords: alarm, alarm clock, sunrise alarm, natural alarm, dawn simulator

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Electric Dawn
Electric Dawn
Electric Dawn
Electric Dawn
Electric Dawn
Electric Dawn
Electric Dawn
Electric Dawn


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