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Everywhere Sport Run GPS Track

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1.6 ve yukarısı
50.000 - 100.000

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Everywhere Sport Run is your virtual PERSONAL TRAINER for running, walking, jogging, cycling and many other sports.
It tracks your workouts and helps you in reaching your goals.
It uses the GPS to track and measure your fitness activities (running, walking, etc).
It is available for you everywhere every time you need it.

Thanks to GPS, Everywhere Sport Run tracks and shows you the distance, speed and location when you run, jog, walk, bike, etc.

Everywhere Sport Run has some distinctive features, as the "Virtual Personal Trainer" feature, the ability to build your workout schemes (workout regimes) and even the possibility to share those schemes. You can create complex workout regimes, as interval training routines.

We are committed to continuously improving the application, help us rating it in the Android Play Store.
If EverywhereSport Run does not satisfy you, please tell us in your comment (or by e-mail) how we can improve it.

PLEASE: if you encounter any troubles, please let us know so that we can fix them immediately!

Want to be a TESTER of the app? Send us an e-mail

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- track run, jog, walk, bike, etc
- virtual personal trainer
- creates custom workout regimes and weekly workout plans
- send and receive workout regimes and weekly workout plans
- GPS tracking
- accurate and fully featured chronometer
- it records and shows in realtime: time, distance, speed and pace
- supports kilometers and miles
- average, lap and last km (or mile) data
- audio feedback, fully customizable in 4 groups
- workout history with charts and route on the map
- share charts by e-mail and sms
- export your workouts in the GPX standard format

Whether you are a beginner or an expert sportsman,
EverywhereSport Run is designed to fully satisfy your needs.
Keep reading the following sections "Beginners" and "Experts" to see why EverywhereSport Run is for you!!

EverywhereSport Run is really easy and fun to use: just press the "Start" button and the application, using the GPS, will record your performance and support you giving all info you need, as distance you have done, speed and so on.

Want more?
Set your goals and let the Virtual Personal Trainer guide you in reaching them!

Even more?
EverywhereSport Run can be easily programmed for you by other people!
So, ask your friends or your trainer to set your goals for you!
They can prepare a workout regime using EverywhereSport Run and send it to you.
You receive that regime, then the Virtual Personal Trainer will guide you in following that workout routine.


You can even start using our examples: they are in the application for you. Get started with them, then modify them to suit your needs.

If you are an EXPERT SPORTSMAN, you will find in EverywhereSport Run all the flexibility you need to create even the most complex workout regime (even interval training).

Indeed EverywhereSport Run allows you to fully design your own workout schemes and assists you during your run, helping you to stick to your chosen pace. In this way, you can fully focus on the run!
You can create workout schemes and even weekly workout plans.
So, just set your goals before start running and let the app guide you reaching them.

At the end of your workout, compare your results with your desired goals.

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Everywhere Sport Run GPS Track
Everywhere Sport Run GPS Track
Everywhere Sport Run GPS Track
Everywhere Sport Run GPS Track
Everywhere Sport Run GPS Track
Everywhere Sport Run GPS Track
Everywhere Sport Run GPS Track
Everywhere Sport Run GPS Track
Everywhere Sport Run GPS Track
Everywhere Sport Run GPS Track

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