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Budgeting - Finance Mastery

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2.1 ve yukarısı
1.000 - 5.000
USD 2,73

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Finance Mastery is one of the easiest ways to overview your income and expenses and bring down your costs. Finance Mastery shows you where to save money with graphical analysis in which categories you spent most.

In addition, Finance Mastery is the only finance app which uses the worldwide standards for security.
Your data is encrypted with 128-bit AES, unlike many competing products that do not use encryption. Finance Mastery does not need an Internet connection so that only you exclusively have access to your data.
Only for creating and restoring a Backup of your data Finance Mastery needs access to your SD-card.
Finance Mastery is intended solely for the usage by private customers.


✔ Export your data to Excel (CSV-Format)
✔ Effortless Budgeting for categories and accounts
✔ Great look and feel
✔ View limits of your credit cards
✔ Intuitive user interface for inserting incomes and expenses
✔ Pie chart for incomes and expenses in your personal categories
✔ account balances at any time
✔ Account limits and budget category (you are able see which transaction are coming up to you in the future)
✔ Standing orders / Scheduled Transactions
✔ Receive reminder about overdue payments
✔ Widget
✔ Integrated Calculator
✔ AES-encrypted data
✔ Create your personal categories and accounts.
✔ Backup to the SD card
✔ English and German support : service@finance-mastery.com
✔ Interactive charts and reports
✔ set limits and monitor whether these are exceeded
✔ English and German translation included

Check this review: http://goo.gl/hiQnZ

You may return the app within 24 hours after you have purchased it if not fully satisfied.

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Budgeting - Finance Mastery
Budgeting - Finance Mastery
Budgeting - Finance Mastery
Budgeting - Finance Mastery
Budgeting - Finance Mastery
Budgeting - Finance Mastery
Budgeting - Finance Mastery


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