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Augmented Star Wars Lightsaber

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2.1 ve yukarısı
500.000 - 1.000.000

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Become the real jedi with this new Augmented Lightsaber. Change the blade color and hilt type to customise your saber. Move the phone around to get the different sounds of saber. Move the phone faster to get the hit sound and feel the vibrations.

Slide down to hide all the icons and leave only the lightsaber to get the the most of it. Slide up to display all the icons once again and be able to change the blade color and hilt type. Sliding icons down also hides the advertisement so you can enjoy the app without looking at the ads.

It's the only lightsaber on the market that let you use the camera image as a background to your saber.

A real must have for every fan of Star Wars.

If you spot any bug or would like some improvement please drop me an email at office@software-workshop.eu

Amazing lightsaber sounds and art by Alex Bird.

Some comments that I got either below or by email..
Lori:"AUGMENTED LIGHTSABER Call me nerdy or whatever, but this app is awesome! I'm having a blast with it, and I cannot wait to mess around with my 3 sons with this and I'm their Mom. Having sons also let's mom have a lot of fun too!!"
Anthony:"Amazing. When I'm angry I turn it on and pretend to be darth vader"
Tomasz:"Really nice app First light saber app using the camera. I wander why nobody else came with that idea. Works great on my samsung galaxy s"
Alex:"Super. We had a real fun with this app few days ago in the office. Too bad there is no music, but other than that it's a must have"

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Augmented Star Wars Lightsaber
Augmented Star Wars Lightsaber
Augmented Star Wars Lightsaber

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