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10.000 - 50.000

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Search Twitter using the #butterflyEffect app to discover hashtags, users and groups, and links related to your searches. Hashtags are added to tweets to categorize them and foster discovery by other users. Hashtags are often created for events, news, campaigns, TV shows or merely for fun. Visit our website for more info, http://tinyurl.com/twtrApp, and a complete list of features.

# Find engaged users that share your interests, opinions, passions and hobbies.
# Find ongoing or upcoming twitter chats and discover participants by searching for the chat-related hashtag.
# Connect with users "live" tweeting from events or about your favorite TV shows or movies.
# Find users you have interacted with over the last few days, handy on #FollowFriday.
# Identify emerging trends or related twitter hashtags from trending topics that are currently trending.
# Discover original content, the freshest tweets and avoid spam by customizing your search criteria with options to exclude retweets, links, hashtags and search for tweets in your language.
# Access content from around the world. Translate tweets from a foreign languages to your preferred one.
# Use your favorite Twitter client or mobile website to interact with users or tweets.

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