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2.2 ve yukarısı
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Tivitti (in Italian "I saw you") is a card game very popular in Sicily and Calabria.
To play, you need 40 cards, 10 each of four suits: cups, coins, swords and clubs. The cards' value is the number of the suite objects shown on the card, or for the face cards: the woman has the value of 8; the horseman has a value of 9; and the king has a value of 10. Tivitti is a two player game, each player starting with 20 shuffled cards.

Accumulate groups of suites in the center of the table as the game progresses. The aim of the game is to get rid of your cards before your opponent by following some simple rules:
1) On their turn, each player flips over one card from their pile. If the player has a card that is the next in a number sequence, either one up or down from the opponents, or the next up in the sequence of suites in one of the elimination piles at center of the table, they can place their card there and may turn over another card from their pile;
2) If the card turned over is the next higher or lower from that shown in the opponent's pile of any suite, it can be placed on their pile;
3) If the card turned over is an ace, that card starts an elimination pile for that suite in the center of the table. If the card is the next in the sequence of a suite that already has an elimination pile on the table, the player may place the card there;
4) If the card turned can go either on the opponent's pile, or to one of the elimination piles on the table, the card should always be placed on the elimination pile first;
5) If the card turned over by a player cannot be placed in any of the piles available, the player leaves the card in their pile and the turn passes to the opponent;
6) At the time of your turn, before flipping over a new card, you must ensure that the last card turned by your opponent cannot be moved to one of the other piles on the table;
7) If you make a mistake and move a card in a way not allowed by the rules, or if you neglect a rule, your opponent may call out, "Tivitti"(I saw you), the call causes the player to "freeze" the current turn, returning the cards to the position before the mistake was made. The opponent now may make the correct move and the turn passes to them.

The winner is the player who eliminates all of their cards first.
The game can have many outcomes. If you find any bugs or errors, please contact the developer for support.

From the developer - I dedicate the creation of this app to my grandparents, with whom I spent countless afternoons playing Tivitti!

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