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Message board

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2.2 ve yukarısı
5.000 - 10.000

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To fill the entire screen to display typed characters, this app can be used as a message board.
If you want to send a message of the artists live, if you want to convey the message can not be used secretly in situations where circumstances not afford the voice and radio waves, such as when you want to convey the message in the noise, which I find very convenient.

You can enter in up to 32 characters, so you view as large as possible to automatically adjust the size according to the number of characters, the message is transmitted securely.
So you can set the color and character, such as blinking, you can also convey feelings as well as character.

Moreover, since it can also be set up so that it displays the message board automatically when you start charging, you can display a message each time favorite of charge, or use as a substitute and notes, can be very versatile.
For example, if you register in the message do not forget to bring something to school tomorrow, do not forget you can prepare a message is displayed when you charge at night.
(When automatic startup, the message that you set when you last started will be displayed.)

In the registration screen of the message, so also displays the remaining battery power anxious, then you also know the approximate time message can be displayed, the battery can also be used as a checker.

Messages, since they will be saved what was previously registered until you register a new message, and to start the show without having to enter anything in the settings screen (you can view in one shot the same message again and again, the message of the previous will be displayed.)
Using this, Hitsudan or use as an alternative to, or use as a message and crime prevention, so can be applied to various things, please take advantage of all means put on your desktop.

(Terms of Use)
Specify the font is so dependent on the model, there is a change even when there is no change.
If you want to delete the previous message, please register a new message to overwrite from the settings screen.

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Message board
Message board

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