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Model Lighting Ideas 08

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2.0 ve yukarısı
10 - 50
USD 1,72

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Volume 08.

Learn how these four easy picture ideas were taken and shoot them with your own models.

* Picture 1. A modern looking image but done in the simplest of ways using just ONE hard light.
* Picture 2. Soft light is used to create an intimate picture. Just ONE light.
* Picture 3. Creativity makes you pictures stand out, but they don't need to be complicated. Here is how to do it with just TWO lights.
* Picture 4. Multi coloured shadows are great fun and unusual. Here they are created with THREE lights.

Find out where the lights are placed. See where the exposure reading was taken.

Each of the four picture ideas comes with a lighting plan so you can see how the shot was lit and how you can do the same.

The main advantage of this app is the fact that you can actually see exactly where the lighting was placed by viewing the studio images. These are views of the studio when the original shots were taken. This allows you to see ‘for real’ where everything was. Add this to the pull-out lighting plans and you will have the ability to create these pictures yourself.

* 4 main picture ideas to copy.
* Each picture shows several finished frames.
* Plus studio set-up shots.
* Includes lighting plans and exposure details.

Even with some basic equipment you can take pictures like this. One of these simple yet impressive image ideas was taken with just one light. A couple of the ideas use two lights and one uses three. So even with some basic lighting you can achieve professional pictures like these.

Your instructor Nigel Holmes has been a professional glamour photographer for over thirty years and his pictures have been published all over the world in many of the top magazines.

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Model Lighting Ideas 08
Model Lighting Ideas 08
Model Lighting Ideas 08
Model Lighting Ideas 08
Model Lighting Ideas 08

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