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GMarks (Google Bookmarks)

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2.0 ve yukarısı
50.000 - 100.000

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*** WARNING: Google has changed their interface for Google Bookmarks - as a result, GMarks does not work at the moment. A fix is being worked on at this time! ***

* 100% Ad-free and open source!
* Support for 30 languages
* Supports Google two-factor auth
* Secure: Your password is never read or stored by GMarks

More Features:
* Sync/ backup/ import bookmarks between the Android browser and Google Bookmarks
* Live folder for any bookmark label
* Background sync
* Global search integration; Full text search
* Quickly add a GMark from the browser's share menu
* Add/update/delete bookmarks from your phone
* Long-press to view/ edit a bookmark
* Now fully supports Eclair/ 2.1

Calling for translators! If you want to help translate Google Bookmarks to your language, see the project page.

If you encounter FC, please 'Report' it so I can fix the problem. You can also submit feature requests on the project website.

More Details:

Automatically synchronize your Google Bookmarks to your phone! Background sync means you're always up-to-date, but it only syncs what's changed. Use GMarks for Firefox, the Google bookmarklet or the Google Toolbar to quickly send bookmarks to your phone.

Choose any label to synchronize with your Android Browser bookmarks. This means you can backup and export your browser bookmarks across multiple devices.

Live Folders give you quick access to any label. Use it to create a reading list on your device!

Global Search integration means you can quickly find a bookmark using your device's Search button or the Google Search widget. (You can enable this in the system settings under "Search.") Full-text search indexes bookmark titles, labels, URLs and descriptions.

Quickly create new Google Bookmarks from the browser's "Share" menu.

Secure: Your username and password are sent straight to Google, and are never read or stored by the GMarks app. All internet requests use HTTPS/ SSL to ensure complete privacy. GMarks also supports Google two-factor authentication (Since version 0.6.4.) You must have the Google Authenticator app installed.

Keywords: Synchronize backup import export Google Bookmarks

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GMarks (Google Bookmarks)
GMarks (Google Bookmarks)
GMarks (Google Bookmarks)
GMarks (Google Bookmarks)
GMarks (Google Bookmarks)

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