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Diet Point · Weight Loss

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4.0 ve yukarısı
1.000.000 - 5.000.000

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DietPoint has literally helped millions lose weight and get fit.

It is a personal weight-loss manager aimed at helping people achieve their desired weight by providing the largest mobile collection of diets linked with innovative meal reminders and complete grocery lists.
Take control of your weight with the Most Effective Diets and lose 10 pounds in 10 days.
Join 5 million people worldwide that have used this app to lose weight.
HEALTH.COM Success story: "DietPoint app made possible a life-altering 42-pounds slim down" - Cynthia
DietPoint is the largest collection of complete weight loss diet plans on Google Play with awesome community of people, who can help you and motivate you during your weight loss.

• Takes the guesswork out of dieting
• Awesome Weight tracker & BMI calculator
• 130+ diet plans in 14 different categories (20+ free diet plans)
• Complete shopping list for each plan
• Get an estimate of your weight-loss for each diet plan
• It will remind you when it's time for your next meal to help you stay on track
• Huge! Community, full of people who share the same goals
• 500+ tips to improve your weight loss plan

Meal reminders are notifications that pop up every time it's time for your next meal. They will make sure you'll never miss another breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack again and thus optimize your weight loss process.
With this app you'll get everything you need to achieve your goal.

“Wonderful app. It really works. I lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks with Low carb plan. Awesome.” - Nina
“I love it. So many people trying to accomplish the same thing. Great motivation.” - Jenny
“This app is awesome, people on forum are so supportive and even give u tips that can help you out.”
 - Lisa
"At first I was deciding between Dukan and HCG plans because they both look so tasty! Successfully reduced calories intake!" - John
“I have used many programs for getting a flat belly and this Atkins diet is best and easiest to track!”
 - Latisha
“Love it, so easy to follow! Takes the thinking out of dieting. It feels like I have my personal dietitian!” - Mark
“Lost 7lbs in one week with Low calorie. Fantastic app, really works. Great diet choices!” - Stay-At-Home Mom
"At first I used Calorie counter and food tracker to lose my weight, but it needed too much of effort. Now I am on Low carb and already getting my sexy back!" - Kierra
"This application takes care of everything. I am losing my pounds even though I am not a good planner." Maria
DietPoint - Weight loss main focus is to keep you motivated and make everything easy for you with the shopping list and meal planner. This make your weight loss as easy as never before. Have you ever searched for the advised from Registered dietitian which plans are the best for you, which will help you with flat belly, healthy detox or what are the effects of master cleanse, low carb, vegetarian, paleo... DietPoint will take care of everything and will recommend right food just for you.

Unlock all in-app features with DietPoint pro:

• Unlock all 115 diet plans
• Get checkable shopping list for every diet plan
• Turn on meal reminders so you will always know when and what to eat

Still not convinced? Hit Install and give it a try - lose all the extra pounds in no time. More than 5 million people did!

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Diet Point · Weight Loss
Diet Point · Weight Loss
Diet Point · Weight Loss
Diet Point · Weight Loss
Diet Point · Weight Loss
Diet Point · Weight Loss
Diet Point · Weight Loss
Diet Point · Weight Loss


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