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Happy Farmer – Cast away

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2.2 ve yukarısı
1.000.000 - 5.000.000

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Decorate your paradise ranch farm and animals with unique lovely valentine items! All Valentine items are only available at the shop until February 19th 2012! Get them before it is too late!


Stranded on a beautiful island you must manage your own virtual farm! Grow and fertilize crops, raise & care for farm animals and decorate your own tropical island!

Happy Farmer – Cast away is FREE casual gaming at its best: Play and earn experience, unlock new items, use helpful harvesting tools, grow delicious fruits, vegetables or unique flowers, raise farm animals, decorate your farm and master over a dozen of challenging missions!

Compete worldwide against other players and review the global high score / leader board synchronously with each experience you earn while you play!

FEATURES with unlimited options:

COOL: Raise delicious crops, fruits, veggies, flowers, trees & animals on your own virtual farm island!

AMAZING: Take care of animals like cows, cats, birds, dogs, hens, sheep, gooses and many more

UNIQUE: Expand and grow your tropical farm island garden ranch with decorations and performance upgrades like harvesters, fertilizers or seeders!

ADDICTIVE: Plow, seed and harvest to gain experience and money! Unlock new crops, rare items, animals and great achievements every level!

FREE: Earn Coins and Diamonds to get dozens of seeds, animals and decorations!

MULTIPLAYER: Compare yourself in the worldwide highscore and see, if you can make it to become the top 1 farmer!

FREE UPDATES: Happy Farmer - Cast away will be frequently updated with new crops, fruits, flowers, trees, buildings, decorations, animals, fish and so much more!

Forget Farm Story, Tap Ranch , Farmville or Green Farm - Happy Farmer - Cast Away is the best FREE mobile farming game on Android for people of both sex with user friendly interface and most appealing graphics.

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Happy Farmer – Cast away
Happy Farmer – Cast away
Happy Farmer – Cast away
Happy Farmer – Cast away
Happy Farmer – Cast away

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